Disability and Wellbeing Staff Network

DAWN's aim is to make LSE more disability confident and raise awareness about disability on the campus.

Why is addressing disability important at LSE?

Despite making up 22% of the UK population, only 2% of LSE staff share that they are disabled. Setting up a disability staff network aligns with the school's commitment to developing LSE into an inclusive space where everyone is able to fulfill their potential, and everyone's contribution is valued. We need to create a culture whereby any disabled staff member or student can feel safe disclosing their disability, and confident that they will be provided with appropriate adjustments and support. You can read more about LSE and how the School supports disabled staff here.

How to get involved?

If you have more questions or wish to be a part of this network, please email us at dawn@lse.ac.uk. We'd love for you to join our network!

Looking for one of our colourful new lanyards? We don't blame you! Send us an email and we'll arrange to get one to you.

LSE Disability Policy

In December 2021 the school published the new disability policy, which can be found here. (Although DAWN was involved in the development of the Disability Policy, its content does not necessarily represent DAWN's views).