Black History Month 2021

Celebrating Black History at LSE

In October 2021, LSE EmbRace are collaborating with LSE, EDI and the SU to celebrate Black History Month.

LSE acknowledges and showcases the importance of Black History Month (BHM) and its purpose of celebrating the Black figures in history that helped to shape not only the Black community, but the entire world.

This year, the theme for Black History Month at LSE is 'BLACK 365'.

Black beyond the month, Black beyond the hashtags, Black beyond your limitations, Black beyond the stereotypes

Ikenna Acholonu, LSE EmbRace Co-Chair

Blackness and Black people cannot be constrained.
Black thought must radically be told and maintained.
Breaking barriers in every time and space.
The Black experience cannot be co-opted or replaced.
Black people create change.
Black struggle overcomes pain.
Black joy brings the light.  
Black power fuels the fight.
Black families build generations.
Black cultures inspire nations.
Black health and wellness makes us take inventory.
Black freedom brings us all to glory.

What do we think of Black history?: Black beyond the month, Black beyond the hashtags, Black beyond your limitations, Black beyond the stereotypes.

Our Black passion will ignite. We craft gold from our fingertips. Elegant and bold, we are not a monolith. A beautiful Black mosaic comes together in community today.

Black 365 celebrates Black people everyday.

This year LSE recognises that we must think beyond Black History Month to achieve the world we want for tomorrow.

- Reflections on ‘BLACK 365’ by Ikenna Acholonu, Programme Manager, Uggla Family Scholarship Programme; Co-chair, LSE EmbRace.

Watch 'BLACK 365', voiced by Ikenna Acholonu

Black History Month 2021 Events

LUKI Black History Month Discussion Forum - 1 October, 11:00am-12:30pm

This forum will bring together BAME colleagues from LSE, UCL, King’s and Imperial (LUKI) to get insights on what is happening at each university's BAME staff network, discuss overall experiences (highs, lows and things in the middle), and 

This events are for staff who identify as Black, Asian and minority ethnic from the four partnering institutions.

Black History Month Coffee Break - Friday 22 October, 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Join us for the Black History Month Coffee Break. It will be a great opportunity to connect with colleagues around the School in a fun and informal setting. We will explore what it means to be Black 365!

All members of the LSE community are welcome!

Strength Through Culture Workshop - Monday 25 October, 1:00pm – 2:00pm

 The workshop will be led by Ayan Ali, LSE Staff and Student Counsellor. Start your week on a positive note. Join this Monday lunchtime online workshop to celebrate culture as a source of confidence and resistance in hard times, especially when we experience being othered or discriminated against because of our ethnicity.

  • How much of our heritage culture do we feel comfortable bringing into our working environment?
  • Which cultural ties do we want to discover or strengthen?

We’ll discuss big and small everyday things we can do to connect with our heritage in a meaningful way such as food, clothing, hair, music, art and stories.

This workshop is for staff who identify as Black, Asian and minority ethnic.


Self-Preservation Workshop - Wednesday 27 October, 03 November, 12:00pm-12:45pm

To help commemorate Black History Month, Sandra Hutton (Wellbeing and Career Coach) invites you to take part in her Self-Preservation Workshop, which celebrates who we are today by redefining and reclaiming the word "Value".

The main theme of the workshop will be centered around a poem Sandra wrote (recording of the poem is copyright © protected) "They Carried The Burdens" which focuses on our ancestors and the Windrush Legacy of strength and determination.

During the workshops Sandra will help you to understand the principles of self-compassion, self-understanding, as well as the power of "letting go" and how to apply these strategies to better manage life's challenges and nurture self-appreciation.

Register in advance for this meeting.


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