Causes we are backing

The Parents and Carers Network will occasionally ask our members to back causes and/or petitions which are directly related to our network. Details of these are below:

"Good Work Plan" - UK Government consultation

The UK Government consultation on parental leave and pay, neo-natal pay and leave, and flexible working/family leave related policies has now closed.  Full details are on the HM Government website.

Pregnant Then Screwed

Pregnant Then Screwed was founded with the aim to end maternity discrimination, and to raise awareness of pregnant workers rights. Their website lists details of their current campaigns.

The Smallest Things

Did you know that according to UK law, maternity leave begins the day after the birth of your child, even if they are born premature, and is the same length of time for everyone? This does not take into account the extra burden of hospital stays and the potential for delayed development of that child as a result of their premature birth.

The Smallest Things was founded by a mother of premature twins, with the aim to increase the length of maternity leave in line with how premature a baby is. We are urging LSE to sign up to The Smallest Things Employee With a Heart Charter, and join a growing list of other UK employers who recognise the benefit of giving families that extra time with their premature children.

Suggest a cause!

If you would like us to promote a relevant cause to our members, please email We will only promote causes which are relevant to our network and in the UK.