Parents and Carers Network - history and aspirations

The Parents Network was officially launched in February 2018 so that like-minded parents (which includes anyone who is caring for a child, be it their own, adopted, or fostered) can meet and exchange experiences, tips, and just generally socialise. From March 2019, we merged with the Carers Network to become the Parents and Carers Network.

Our aims are as follows:

  • Launch a peer-to-peer mentoring scheme
  • Host regular network meetings so members can meet in an informal environment
  • Hold regular events with internal and external speakers on relevant topics
  • Work with HR and the School to make changes to policy so that staff feel able to fulfil their professional role to their best ability, at the same time as carrying out parental duties
  • Feed in to training for managers to enable the School to effectively keep up with its EDI policy

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If you would like to be matched with one of our mentors, please also e-mail us.