About Spectrum

We support and represent staff from lesbian, gay, bi, trans and all other minority sexual orientation and gender identities.

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Spectrum is for all LSE staff, LGBTQ+ and allies. LSE staff includes those who are freelance, contractors, sub wardens and graduate teaching assistants.

To become a member, sign up to our mailing list. You’ll receive a monthly newsletter with information about our open meetings, plus a round-up of other relevant news, events and volunteering opportunities. Visit News and events or follow us on Twitter for more.

Email spectrum@lse.ac.uk for confidential support and advice, or if you would like to become a committee member, volunteer, role model or ally. 

Our story

Founded in May 2008 by three LSE staff members, Spectrum is now a recognised channel for LGBTQ+ inclusion at LSE. 

In 2019, LSE took part in our first ever Pride in London parade, climbed to rank 92 in Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index and become a Global Diversity Champion member. Spectrum is proud to been one of the driving forces behind these achievements.

Spectrum builds on a rich LGBTQ+ history at LSE: the Gay Liberation Front in the UK was founded at LSE in 1970 and LSE Library holds one of Britain’s biggest LGBTQ+ collections. Find out more about LSE resources and expertise in LGBTQ+ issues.

Our aims

These three aims were put together by Spectrum’s founding committee in 2008. They are still relevant today:

Lobbying and representation

To act as the officially recognised staff representative group for issues relating to LGBTQ+ equality in regard to School policy and formal consultations which the School may undertake.

Culture and education

To organise in-School cultural and educational activities that focus on LGBTQ+ issues, in particular in areas where the School has academic expertise, to promote greater awareness of debate on LGBTQ+ issues and the School's contribution to these areas. Events are open to all.

Social networking and support

To provide a social support network for LGBTQ+ staff at the School, to encourage staff to feel open and confident about their identity, and to demonstrate the School's commitment to diversity and equality of opportunity in the workplace.

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Spectrum committee members 2020/21

Committee vacancies:

Trans+ Voice
Bi+ Voice
Allies champion

We also welcome new general committee members.

Note: all committee members must be LSE staff members who identify as LGBTQ+. To be the Trans+ or Bi+ Voice you must identify accordingly.

If you do not identify as LGBTQ+ then we would love for you to get involved by joining our allies network.

Email us to find out more.

Spectrum committee members 2020/21 are:


James Aitken (Co-Chair)

James is Executive Officer in the Directorate.

Amanda Gaddes

Amanda is Executive Programmes Manager, Department of Health Policy, and joined the Spectrum committee in 2020.

Hayley Reed

Hayley Reed 

Hayley Reed is Marketing Project Manager in the Communications Division. 

Andrew Sherwood

Andrew Sherwood (Co-Chair)

Andrew Sherwood is Department Manager, International Relations.

Dave Smith

Dave Smith 

Dave is LSE's Head of Social Media.


Aaron Trevitt

Aaron is Employee Engagement Adviser at LSE Careers.

Elisabet Vives

Elisabet Vives

Elisabet is Project Officer and Researcher at LSE Consulting.

Jake Watkins

Jake Watkins 

Jake Watkins is BSc Administrator, Department of Social Policy. 

LGBTQ+ Role Models and Allies Directory

Whether you’re a new starter who happens to be LGBTQ+ or a long-term member of staff, you’re not alone! Find out more about our LSE LGBTQ+ role models and allies.