Recycling in Reprographics

We use either 75% or 100% recycled paper across campus.

Laser jet cartridges

The toner and printer cartridges recycling scheme is now overseen by Estates Division.

To recycle your toners and printer cartridges please arrange collection by contacting LSE Porters, email

Paper stock options

Reprographics is helping the environment by recycling its main product. We have recycle bins in various locations in the department for 'Paper Recycling' and 'Waste Only'. These bins are clearly marked to avoid any confusion and to ensure paper is rightly recycled.

All Reprographics stocks across the School-wide copier fleet are Evolution paper which is 75% recycled. Manufactured without chlorine bleaching, high whiteness is achieved thanks to a special converting process for the recycled fibre.

In the Reprographics Department we use a mixture of PEFC and FSC certified and 100% recycled papers.

Photocopier/MFD toners

When we replace your old toner kit we send the old toner kit and the waste toner storage container back to our supplier for recycling.