CIVICA Honours Seminar for Postgraduates

CIVICA students are empowered to participate in society and civic life and to learn new skills both inside and outside of classrooms.

Honours Seminar

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Applications open Monday, November 6th and will close Sunday, November 12th. 

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About the CIVICA Honours Seminar

CIVICA Honours Seminars offer graduate students engagement in addressing current global issues, leveraging  interdisciplinary, transnational and research-intensive approaches, while strengthening and promoting common European values and further enhancing a shared sense of belonging through social/cultural activities.

Through seminar participation, students will gain a deep understanding of local, regional and global economic, social, political, cultural and institutional factors. They will be able to cooperate in international teams and consider cultural diversity as key to success. Students will also become confident, agile and reflective decision-makers and problem-solvers, able to formulate and apply innovative solutions to complex challenges and opportunities in their professional and civic life.

  • This seminar is open to postgraduate (MSc) students only.
  • You may apply to one Honours Seminar at a time (multiple seminars may be offered over the same time period).
  • This is a competitive application. 
  • There is no additional fee to participate in this seminar.
  • Travel is REQUIRED (is your responsibility to obtain any visas as may be necessary for travel to a country within the European Union). These are in-person courses over one week and you must commit to participating in all activities in-person. Travel costs are covered by the participating institutions.
  • A certificate will be issued by the CIVICA Secretariat upon completion of the seminar.
  • You do not receive credit on your LSE transcript for this seminar, but you will be issued a certificate (see above)


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