CIVICA Engage Track

The CIVICA Engage Track is a European multi-campus, interdisciplinary experience with a focus on civic engagement for undergraduates.

Applications for AY23/24 have now closed.

By combining academic study and social commitment, the selected students can explore and respond to value-laden topics like responsibility and sustainability. They do this work in specific CIVICA Engage courses, through hands-on interaction with community-based organisations, and by sharing experience and reflections with CIVICA Engage students and other audiences.



Unique opportunities

  • For students with a strong civic engagement: an unparalleled way for students to highlight their commitment to civic issues and do good together with a diverse set of ambitious students from all over Europe

  • Provides access to some of the best teaching institutions in Europe

  • Field work, coaching, guest lectures, group work, experience sharing and creative events with students from all over Europe

How does it work?

The CIVICA Engage Track consists of three major components:


First component: Completion of an Engage Track course at your home university 

List of CIVICA Engage Courses >>


Second component: European Week OR Year abroad

  • European Week takes place once a year in June and is hosted by a different University every time, bringing together all of the Engage Track students from CIVICA partners. This is a week long programme of lectures, seminars and activities centred around a European social or policy challenge (e.g Climate Change, Human Migration etc.) European Week 2024 will be hosted by LSE in LondonMore information about the CIVICA European Week >> 
  • Alternatively, you can choose to study at a CIVICA partner institution for a year, where you MUST complete one of their Engage Courses. The participating universities are Bocconi, Central European University, IE University, SNSPA, Sciences Po, SgH Warsaw School of Economics, and Stockholm School of Economics. More information about study abroad at these locations can be found on GO LSE's website.
  • You must specify your preference for European Week or Study Abroad when you apply for the CIVICA Engage Track programme; you cannot do both.
  • It doesn’t matter if you do component 2 before component 1 (So you are able to go to European Week or your year abroad first and then complete an Engage Course at LSE once you return)

Third component: Showcase Assignement

The CIVICA Engage Showcase Assignment is the final element of the Engage Track.

The Showcase Assigment consists of two parts, where students will:

  • Undertake a personal analytical reflection of their learning experiences along the CIVICA Engage Track, through articulating their own experiences, learning, strengths and areas for development.
  • Showcase their learning experiences during the CIVICA Engage Track in reference to a European challenge through a short media piece aimed at external audiences.

Examples of Showcase Assignments >>


Frequently asked questions about the CIVICA Engage Track

Can all undergraduates take part and when should I apply?

Although this programme is open to all Undergraduates, we mostly advise first and second year students to apply as this gives you more time to complete all the components. If you are a third year student that happens to already have taken an Engage Course, then you would be eligible to apply but your second component would HAVE to be European Week, rather than studying abroad for a year. You will also be required to submit your showcase assignment after European Week and before you graduate which means doing it over the Summer.

What if I can't do all the components of the engage track?

There is a limited number of places available on the Engage Track and we therefore expect applicants and selected students to have checked that they are eligible and free to join all the components of the track. 

If you cannot or won't take part in an Engage Track course at a partner univerity (as part of your year abroad), you will need to attend European week.

If you have any other specific queries, contact Emily Harrison here.

When do applications open?

 Applications usually open in mid-October and successful applications notified in early December.

If you specify a preference for your second component being a study abroad year in your application, you will need to complete an additional application for with GO LSE with your options. This will be emailed to you with full details of deadlines. You will usually find out about whether you have successfully secured a year abroad place in January/ February time.

Do I need approval from my department tutor and/or academic advisor to apply?

Yes, you do need approval.


Application and contact information

Emily Harrison,