CIVICA European Week

What is the European week and how to take part?

What is the European Week?

The CIVICA European Week is both a stand-alone learning event and a central element of the CIVICA Engage Track, a bachelor experience open to eligible students at the participating universities (including LSE).

Reasons for you to participate

  • highlight your commitment to civic issues
  • do good together with fellow students from all over Europe
  • have access to some of the best teaching institutions in Europe
  • engage in field work, coaching, guest lectures, group work and experience sharing

Frequently asked questions about the CIVICA European Week 

Can all undergraduates take part and when should I apply?

To be able to attend the European week, you need to have been selected for the CIVICA Engage Track. Although this programme is open to all Undergraduates, we mostly advise first and second year students to apply as this gives you more time to complete all the components.

If you are a third year student that happens to already have taken an Engage Course, then you would be eligible to apply but your second component would HAVE to be European Week, rather than studying abroad for a year. You will also be required to submit your showcase assignment after European Week and before you graduate which means doing it over the Summer.

What if I can't do all the components of the engage track?

There is a limited number of places available on the engage track and we therefore expect applicants and selected students to have checked that they are eligible and free to join all the components of the track. 

If you cannot or won't take part in an engage track course at a partner univerity (as part of your year abroad), you will need to attend the European week wherever it is hosted.

If you have any other specific queries, contact Emily Harrison here.

When do applications open?

-         Applications usually open around October for two weeks.

-         You will usually be notified about whether you have been successfully accepted on to the Engage Track Programme a couple of week after the applications close (Usually around the beginning of December).

-         If you specify a preference for your second component being a study abroad year in your application, you will need to complete an additional application for with GO LSE with your options. This will be emailed to you with full details of deadlines. You will usually find out about whether you have successfully secured a year abroad place in January/ February time.

What if I can't do all the components of the engage track?

If you do not complete the final showcase assignment, you may be required to reimburse the cost of sending you to European week or your study abroad year.

Do I need approval from my department tutor and/or academic advisor?

 Yes, you do need approval.


The European Week will take place in London between 25-28 June.

Check the full programme on our dedicated webpage.