Faculty Visit at Bocconi University

Empowering researchers to engage in new collaborative projects

bocconiwithpaoloProfessor Paolo Pinotti and Dr Adam Soliman in Milan. 

Faculty and postdoctoral researchers in CIVICA universities are regularly invited to submit proposals for a short 2-5 day visit at another CIVICA university. This short visit programme aims to foster collaborative activities, to further existing links or to establish new ones. 

Dr Adam Soliman, who is currently is a postdoctoral scholar in the Policing and Crime research group at the Centre for Economic Performance, shares his experience as well as some tips 

Why did you want to go to Bocconi University and what did you work on during your visit?

I have always enjoyed and appreciated the creativity and quality of the crime research being done at Bocconi. They also have a centre dedicated to examining criminal behaviour (CLEAN) that brings together researchers from all over, and it is a vibrant community of thoughtful and interesting scholars that I wanted to interact with more.  

With regards to my visit, I presented at both a seminar and a workshop, and met with several faculty, post-docs, and PhD students. I received lots of helpful feedback during my talks, and the meetings both expanded my network and generated some exciting new research ideas. The several social events also allowed for deeper connections to be made.

What attracted you to this area of research? 

The complexity of crime and the tremendous social costs associated with drug abuse have always been major draws, but they are also why building connections with other scholars is so critical and why I felt this trip was so beneficial.

Do you have any advice for people who may be considering  this opportunity but have not applied yet?

My advice is that others should definitely apply. Invited seminars are often for one or two days and later in one's career, but this amazing opportunity allows you to properly immerse yourself and have time to explore new ideas, get feedback, meet new people, and build your network.

Photo ©Adam Soliman