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Collaborations and Initiatives across the globe

Explore the many places and projects our community engages in

LSE is a research powerhouse and we are lucky to have a wonderful array of experts working on different topics and shaping tomorrow's world. The Global Academic Engagement team's ambition is to encourage and support innovative research projects and alliances. 

LSE has a number of established teaching and research partnerships. Some have been going for years and others are more recent. GAE coordinates and supports a number of those and works hand in hand with departments to create new study abroad programmes and to offer new bespoke opportunities to our student and faculty community. 

For information about our partners and collaborators and to learn about our most recent education and research projects, explore our interactive map below.


We have done our best to capture, review, and update the information included above by consulting colleagues across the school, but we are aware that our data may not be comprehensive since we are conducting phased updates of this visualisation project. We are keen to expand the list of projects included so if you are aware of any gaps or omission, or if you would like to check whether a specific partnership is still operational, please contact us by email

For other examples of visualisation, check our planning division's main information page and explore examples they produced such as this map focusing on student numbers and domicile.