International Strategy Board

The International Strategy Board is a sub-committee of the School Management Committee. The ISB was set up to coordinate and review international opportunities following the approval of LSE's international strategy in the autumn term of 2023/24.  

Terms of reference

Terms of Reference (ToR) – International Strategy Board (ISB)


1.1. The ISB will provide coordinated strategic leadership for LSE’s international activity, supporting and enabling the School to remain globally competitive and world leading on its education, research and engagement with stakeholders around the world.


1.2. The ISB will be a permanent board of the School Management Committee (SMC)


1.3. The board would have the following responsibilities:  

•        Strategic oversight on the delivery of LSE’s international strategy.

•        Oversight on the roll-out of the international strategy, and the support it will provide to key academic units and professional service divisions across LSE.

•        Oversight and advice on specific significant strategic international opportunities and projects, related to the International Strategy and the recommendations within the strategy.

•       Advice on other significant international engagement plans at the university level, among academic departments/centres/institutes, or service divisions.


1.4.  Members

i.  Chief Philanthropy and Global Engagement Officer (Chair): Ben Plummer-Powell

ii.  Vice President and Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education): Professor Emma McCoy

iii.  Vice President and Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research): Professor Susana Mouratto

iv.  Co-Director, Communications (External): Fiona Metcalfe

v.  Director, Global Academic Engagement: Dr Brendan Smith

vi.  Director, Recruitment and Admissions: Adrian Thomas

vii.  Dean, Global Mobility and General Course: Mark Hoffman

viii.  Dean, LSE Extended Education: Professor Wim A Van der Stede

ix.  Academic Member: Professor Liz Robinson (2024-27)

x.  Academic Member: Professor Kevin Featherstone (2024-27)

xi.  Academic Member: Professor Peter Trubowitz


xii.  Academic Member: Professor Paul Kelly (2024-27)

xiii.  Academic Member: Professor Kathy Yuan (2024-27)

xiv.  Departmental Manager Representative: David Meech-Mazumdar

1.5. Ben Plummer-Powell will act as the Chair of the Board and a member of the Global Academic Engagement (GAE) team will be appointed as the Secretary of the Board.

1.6. Five rotating academic colleagues 9two of which will be Head of Departments) will be invited to serve for a 3-year period on the committee.

1.7. Where appropriate and for the effective operation of the ISB, other members of the School community can be invited to specific meetings of the Board to discuss and advise on specific areas of the School’s international engagement.


1.8. Based on the current proposed membership, a quorum is set at a minimum of 8 board members, the Vice President and Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education), or Vice President and ProVice Chancellor (Research), or the Chief Philanthropy and Global Engagement Officer to be included as part of the quorum. 

Meeting Frequency

1.9. It is recommended that the Board meets once a term, i.e. 3 times over the academic year.

1.10. There would be the possibility to call for extra sessions on the recommendation of the Chair and 2 other Board members.

1.11. Other decisions e.g. urgent matters, can have decisions taken by email, where necessary, at the Chair’s discretion.

Receives reports from

1.12. The ISB would receive reports and/or updates from teams across LSE in relation to international strategic aspects of academic partnerships (research and teaching), corporate partnerships (including career related), student recruitment, philanthropy, alumni engagement, and University of London International Programme. The aim is to ensure the ISB has a satisfactory overview of the School’s international engagement in key areas.  

Reports to

1.13. The ISB will report to Senior Management Committee (SMC)


1.14. After an initial period of 3 years of operation, over academic years 2023-24, 2024-25, and 2025-26 there will be the opportunity for SMC to review ISB’s work in Autumn term 2026-27. 


  • Ben Plummer-Powell, Chief Philanthropy and Global Engagement Officer (Chair)
  • Professor Emma McCoy, Vice President and Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education)
  • Professor Susana Mourato, Vice President and Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research)
  • Fiona Metcalfe, Co-Director, Communications (External)
  • Dr Brendan Smith, Director, Global Academic Engagement
  • Adrian Thomas, Director, Recruitment and Admissions
  • Mark Hoffman, Dean, Global Mobility and General Course
  • Professor Wim A Van der Stede, Dean, LSE Extended Education
  • Professor Liz Robinson, Academic Member – Director, Grantham Research Institute forClimate Change and the Environment.
  • Professor Kevin Featherstone, Academic Member – Professorial Research Fellow and Directorof the Hellenic Observatory, European Institute.
  • Professor Peter Trubowitz, Academic Member – Professor of International Relations and Director of Phelan US Centre.
  • Professor Paul Kelly, Academic Member – Professor of Political Philosophy and Head of Department, Department of Government.
  • Professor Kathy Yuan, Academic Member – Professor of Finance, Department of Finance.
  • David Meech-Mazumdar, Departmental Manager Representative, Dept of Management.

Schedule of meetings

The first meeting of the ISB took place on 11 January 2024.  The Board will meet once a term, i.e. 3 times over the academic year. 

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 28th May 2024.