Corporate Innovation Lab

Welcome to the cutting-edge world of the LSE Generate Corporate Innovation Lab!

In an era of rapid technological advancements and ever-changing business landscapes, organisations are seeking innovative solutions and individuals to stay ahead of the competition. To address this need, our innovation lab stands as a dynamic hub of creativity, collaboration, and forward thinking.

At LSE Generate we firmly believe that the key to successful corporate innovation lies in education and hands-on, real-world experience. With this vision in mind, we have established a specialised corporate innovation lab that caters to our students, alumni and industry professionals alike. Our primary goal is to foster a culture of innovation by providing a unique platform for learning, experimentation, and cross-pollination of ideas.

Our lab serves as an ecosystem where academia meets industry. We understand the importance of equipping students with the necessary, sought after skills and mindset to thrive in a corporate innovation environment. Through our interactive education programmes, we offer tailored courses, pop-up days, and site-visits that delve into the principles and practices of innovation. Our curriculum is designed to blend theoretical knowledge with practical application, ensuring that students develop a deep understanding of corporate innovation concepts while also gaining valuable hands-on experience with key ecosystem players.

However, our dedication to corporate innovation education doesn't stop with our students. We recognise the need to engage and empower industry players as well. Our lab extends its reach beyond the university walls to collaborate with businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals seeking to enhance their innovation capabilities. Through our experiential programming, we offer design-led workshops, industry-specific training, residencies and consultancy services. By leveraging our vast network of experts, researchers and cutting-edge resources, we enable organisations to embrace innovation, overcome challenges, and drive transformative change for the “betterment of society”.

In our innovation lab, we encourage an open and collaborative environment, where individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to tackle real-world, ESG-centred and UN SDG focussed problems. We foster interdisciplinary collaboration, bringing together students and professionals from various social sciences fields from international relations to gender studies. By creating these cross-functional teams, we aim to foster a culture of innovation that values diversity, creativity, and the exchange of ideas.

Whether you're a student looking to embark on an innovation-focused career or an industry player seeking to transform your organisation, our lab provides the education, expertise, and energetic environment necessary to drive innovation forward.

If you’d like to explore partnership opportunities as we push the boundaries of what's possible and shape the future of corporate innovation please contact: Emma or LJ who can provide with you more information and set up an exploratory coffee chat!