About us

LSE Innovation works with staff across all departments and supports academics in turning ideas generated from research into new businesses, products or services that benefit society.

Use your research to create new ways to deliver economic and social impacts to better lives and improve society

We support staff across LSE in identifying, protecting and marketing innovations, whether providing support when applying for translational funding, licensing IP to third parties, or forming brand-new ventures (spin-outs). We are increasingly connecting our researchers with like-minded partners both here at LSE and at other leading universities (through the Aspect initiative) to unlock wider social impact opportunities.

Through increased cooperation and collaboration - with industry advisors, commercial partners, incubators, accelerators, potential investors, and other social impact experts - LSE Innovation can help you use your research to create new ways to deliver economic and social impacts to better lives and improve society.

How can we help you?

The LSE Research and Innovation division exists to support you in your research. The division consists of: 

>  LSE Innovation
>  LSE Consulting
>  LSE Generate
>  LSE Research

LSE Consulting has a long and successful track record in supporting academic consulting, LSE Generate supports students and alumni in entrepreneurship, and LSE Research is the School's central administrative body, supporting academics in doing impactful research.

With the support of LSE Consulting, academic and research staff are already engaging quite extensively in consultancy work. LSE Innovation seeks to extend this activity by supporting other ways in which LSE research can be developed at scale, for example through licensing or the creation of start-ups or spin-outs either as for-profit companies or as social enterprises.

The LSE Innovation team can provide all the support you need to take your research to market. We will undertake due diligence on legal and contractual constraints and opportunities, including intellectual property and data protection, assessment of market opportunities, and identifying translational funding opportunities. We will support you throughout the entire commercialisation process.

What should I do to get started?

To get started on an innovation opportunity, contact the LSE Innovation team who will be pleased to talk through your idea with you.

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