Generate events programme

Michaelmas Term

Entrepreneurship masterclasses: Generate x The Family

We will hold a series of masterclasses during Michaelmas Term looking at the key components of building a successful business. Whatever the stage your business or idea is at, these masterclasses will help you lay solid foundations and ensure you have everything in place as you launch.

This year we're incredibly excited to announce that our masterclass series will be run in collaboration with innovative venture The Family! Join us to hear experts in their field teach you how to build a successful business. 

The series will cover the following topics:

  • Legal for Startups: Shawn Atkinson - Orrick
  • Hiring: Alex Eid - Homie
    How do you create an effective team for your startup?
  • Sales: Stan Massueras - Intercom
  • Investors: Martin Mignot - Index
    Learn essential tips for what investors are looking for from entrepreneurs right now.
  • StartUps and Technological Revolutions: Nicolas Colin Book your spot

The Masterclasses will also be recorded and uploaded as an online MOOC series in collaboration with The Family. 

Entrepreneurial skills development programme (Panels, Workshops & More!) 

The masterclasses are supplemented by a programme of seminars, workshop and panel discussions, which will give you the opportunity to develop your entrepreneurial skills. Guided by experts, you will be able to explore such topics as the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur and reflect on whether entrepreneurship is right for you.

There are sessions over the year specifically to discuss the opportunities and challenges for female entrepreneurs, and you will also be able to hone your business pitching skills by practicing in front of a panel and receiving constructive feedback on your performance.

Lent Term

Social entrepreneurship

During Lent Term our core programme will be supplemented by a series of talks and case studies related to social enterprise. You will have the opportunity to hear from entrepreneurs whose businesses have focused on a range of areas including the environment, working with recovering addicts, and using sales from the artisanal production of fashion accessories to fund educational projects.

Breakfast Epiphanies

This 3-year part series is an opportunity for you to meet some of our finest LSE Social Entrepreneurs who have taken the leap and launched their own enterprise focusses on solving some of the society’s most pressing issues.  Over breakfast, you will have the unique opportunity to hear their personal journey, from starting their studies here at LSE to growing a successful business with impressive social impact.  Come with questions, come with friends, and most importantly come and find out what it takes to create and scale your own social venture. The adventure starts now!

Social Case Studies

This new 3-part series of case-studies invites you to gain first-hand insights into what it is it like working for some of the most influential organisations whose sole purpose is to contribute to a better tomorrow. Hear from senior individuals from NGOs, incubators and accelerators, and international networks at the forefront of social innovation and find out how their business model works and what their ambitious visions for the future looks like.

Challenge Design Workshop and Solvathon

We are over the moon to announce the continuation of our collaboration with MIT Solve, who over coming all the way from Boston to work with students on a Challenge Design Workshop, a unique space for students to creatively come up with solutions to the world’s most important issues.  This will be followed by a larger-scale Solvathon which will develop the ideas construed during the workshop.

Industry panels

We also host themed panel discussions to which we invite experts from various industries to discuss sectors in depth such as the food and drink industry and clean technologies.

Summer Term

During Summer Term, the winners of our two funding competitions held in Michaelmas and Lent Terms (of the same academic year) have the opportunity to compete in the Entrepreneur of the Year Competition for further funding at which one Entrepreneur of the Year and one Social Entrepreneur of the Year will be selected and awarded additional funding.

Other events throughout the year

We continue to add new events to our schedule throughout the year, so please keep checking CareerHub and don't forget to follow us on Twitter (@LSEGenerate) and Facebook (lsegenerate) to ensure that you are up to date with entrepreneurial activity at LSE and elsewhere.

Coding workshops

A strong understanding of technology and the ability to understand the basics of programming are becoming increasingly indispensable in many workplaces and roles, both here in the UK and across the globe. Technical capabilities are often sought by recruiters, especially in the startup sphere.

With this in mind, we are offering you the opportunity to develop coding skills across the year through a series of beginners and advanced coding classes run for women and bootcamp weekends and app development lectures for all students. We will also be holding networking opportunities to help you meet experts in the programming field, including our friends from SAP and Deloitte Digital.

Networking events

Generate seeks to bring students, alumni, investors, and entrepreneurial experts together with the aim of encouraging idea generation and collaboration. While it is our hope that student entrepreneurs will view every meeting and event as a potential networking opportunity, over the year we will hold a series of specific sessions, including treks, off-site visits and informal gatherings which focus on partnering students with relevant contacts, be that coding experts, marketing specialists or indeed parties with access to funding.

We will also offer you the opportunity to meet with students and alumni from other Universities to complement your skillsets and increase your entrepreneurial network here in London.

Legal clinics

We have partnered with technology & IP lawyer Manos Vranakis, who has worked with vendors and buyers of technology products & systems - from enterprise software businesses like Apigee (Google), buyers like Wm Morrisons plc, to SMEs and funded tech start-ups.

He is also a co-founder of Jotup (Research Semantics), an NLP tech start-up where he works on building its technology & content ecosystem and partnerships. Manos will be on hand to assist entrepreneurs with any legal enquiries they have related to their businesses and will be holding a series of legal clinics, talks and mentoring opportunities over the next year.  

Site visits and treks

Over the course of the year we will be arranging off-site visits, national and international treks. In the past, these have included trips to startup hubs as well as the innovation departments of multinationals.

We aim to connect students with alumni enrtepreneurs networks across the world, offering an insight into how different innovative ecosystems works and encrouageing participant to engage and collaborate with other entepreneurs. To date, we have visited companies and alumni in the UK, China, Silicon Valley, Berlin and Copenhagen and are looking forward to our next trip!