Black Lives Matter

Our Generate Statement

Hello there. We hope you are all doing OK - We at Team Generate, along with you all, have been observing the events in the news following the atrocious killing of George Floyd. We are acutely aware that observing is not enough, though, and we realise the importance of acknowledging and addressing the racial inequality that pervades every area of society not just in Minneapolis but here in London, here in the higher education sector, and here in the business and start-up world.

In true LSE style, we will listen in order to understand the root cause of things, and not rely on the superficial

We know that black entrepreneurs have more difficulty accessing credit and face more capital constraints, we know that the gap is widening between the average revenue generated for businesses owned by black entrepreneurs and those owned by their white counterparts. And we know that we need to do more to flip these stats on their head.  

So, our plan. In solidarity and in support of Black Lives Matter we pledge to work closely with black entrepreneurs to put in place immediate, medium and long term solutions based on their experiences and most critical needs which will be passed on to the top of the organisation.  It is our hope that innovation may serve to make a dent in the prejudices and power-imbalances that exist in our world.

We will have to get uncomfortable, we will need to apologise along the way, but most importantly, and in true LSE style, we will listen in order to understand the root cause of things, and not rely on the superficial. That is our promise to you.  LSE is not perfect, and Team Generate will be reviewing its internal processes to show that we are practising what we preach. We hope that we have made a decent start, we have a diverse team and inclusive entrepreneurship is at the heart of everything we do, but boy, can we do a lot more.

Please stay tuned to our social media platforms in the next weeks to hear about the various initiatives we will be rolling out as we stand by our black entrepreneurial community and others who have ever felt triggered, upset or in need of support during this super tough time.  

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