Student Learning and Personal Development Division

The Student Learning and Personal Development division comprises the Digital Skills Lab, the Faith Centre, LSE100 and LSE LIFE. Thanks to the work done by its four constituents, SLPD supports students as they connect different aspects of their life and learning at LSE and beyond, helping them to develop the tools they need to think, create, and communicate as social scientists and fostering a feeling of community amongst them. It also supports them in connecting their in-classroom learning with the outside world and its ever-evolving demands, creating spaces for innovative thought, conversation and collaboration across the social sciences. 

Dr Claudine Provencher is the Director of Student Learning and Personal Development.  

Please find below more information on each of the teams included in this division.  

Digital Skills Lab 

The Digital Skills Lab support students to gain the digital skills they need now and in their future careers. Our aim is to enable students to become digitally confident social scientists. We offer training and support through independent study materials, daily workshops and one-to-one sessions in the following areas: analysis; writing; presentation; data collection; cloud storage, collaboration, backup, and version control; and digital assistive technology. 

Faith Centre 

The LSE Faith Centre runs innovative programmes and events promoting religious literacy and transformational interfaith leadership supporting students to explore, challenge and question religious differences. We host a wide range of religious and wellbeing activities for all LSE staff and students and we are working to create a fully faith-inclusive campus. 


LSE100 is LSE’s flagship interdisciplinary course taken by all first-year undergraduate students as part of their degree programme. The course is designed to build students’ capacity to tackle multidimensional problems through research-rich education, giving them the opportunity to explore transformative global challenges in collaboration with peers from other departments and leading academics from across the School.


LSE LIFE is the centre for academic, personal and professional development for undergraduate and taught master’s students.  Located in a bright and welcoming space on the ground floor of the Library, LSE LIFE offers practical workshops, personalised one-to-one advice, and online resources to help each student discover and define what “success” means to them.  Whether it’s about studying better, connecting with new people, managing time, discovering London, or simply becoming more confident, LSE LIFE helps students develop the skills they need to reach their goals at LSE.