LSE Student Hub

The Student Hub is firmly rooted in LSE’s community - it was designed by students and informed by listening to staff views.

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The LSE Student Hub app supports our key strategic priority of improving student experience. Student Hub joins up students’ day-to-day activities at LSE, helps them find out all that the School has to offer, and gives them opportunities to connect to one another and build communities.

The app is available to students on iOS, Android and an online web application. 

Three ways the Student Hub can work for you

A better way to engage with students

Schedule focussed, timely updates or post your news as it happens.

Communicate in a single, central space

Save time, reduce duplication and lessen the need to post on multiple channels.

Increase your impact

Share announcements and events using a dedicated channel to connect directly with your student community.

The journey

The LSE Student Hub is firmly rooted in LSE’s community - it was designed by students and informed by listening to staff views. The Hub is community-led and community-inspired. Staff play a key role in continuing to co-create the application and make it a success from its launch and beyond.  

The delivery of the Student Hub has been an eighteen-month journey, involving extensive research with LSE students and staff. It is a bespoke platform designed for LSE, and students and staff have had input at every point to make sure it is fit for purpose and has real benefits to everyone in the School community.

The Hub gives you the opportunity to:

  • Engage with students in a new, streamlined way aligned with expectations of what world-leading university communications should look like.
  • Extend your reach and better connect with students in a way they want to be communicated with as digital natives.
  • Share your communications in one central space, reducing duplication, misinformation and the need to post on multiple channels. This will also help decrease the ‘overwhelmed, yet under-informed’ feeling amongst students.
  • Enhance your existing skills and gain new insight into the latest digital communication trends: LSE will provide training to all users.

The Student Hub will positively impact communications at LSE, but it will not replace all other forms of communication. We realise that other channels may be more appropriate to get certain messages across to the right audience.

Students can use the Hub to access their timetable and sync it with their personal calendar, get deadline notifications, book office hours and sessions with LSE LIFE and Careers advisors, follow news and events, create groups and access quick links. Find out more about how the app will benefit students. 

To ask a question or request access as teaching staff to set up office hours, please get in touch.