KEI Integrated Service

LSE supports knowledge exchange, impact and engagement activities of all kinds. Get in touch with us, we are here to help. 

About us

The Integrated KEI Service is a one-stop-shop, which enables academics to gain seamless support from the relevant Professional Services divisions to assist them with their KEI and public engagement plans and activities. It also proactively encourages academics to undertake effective KEI and public engagement activities in line with LSE's KEI Strategic Plan.


  1. To create a coordinated internal infrastructure to communicate, support and assess knowledge exchange and public engagement activities, as well as other pathways to impact, within the School.
  2. To minimize the transaction costs for academics seeking to engage with non-academic users.
  3. To embed knowledge exchange, public engagement and impact into the full life cycle of research for all academics.
  4. To extend these activities to a wider range of academic colleagues (and therefore the take-up of KEI funding).
  5. To advise on the most “effective” activities and on activities proven to have the greatest impacts.



  • Advice on effective engagement and comms plans
  • Central KEI initiatives e.g. LSE Festival, LSE Thinks and LSE IQ
  • Media
  • Events
  • Social media and blogs
  • Video, podcasts and film-making
  • Public affairs and government relations.
  • Digital engagement, website development and apps
  • Design (eg reports, executive summaries) and brand identities (for web, social media, print, PowerPoint etc)

Research and Innovation

  • Advice on funding
  • Grant writing, including impact statements
  • Advice on potential impact case studies for the REF and impact more broadly
  • Advice/support on collection of KEI corroborating evidence
  • Academic consulting
  • Commercialisation of research
  • Entrepreneurship


  • Business partnerships
  • Funding and sponsorship
  • Corporate engagement

LSE Library

  • Maximising the visibility of academic research
  • Managing funding streams to support open access
  • LSE Press

Plus training through PhD Academy, HR and LSE Careers.

Contact Us

We are here to help, get in touch! Contact us at

Senior Communications Manager (Research and Knowledge Exchange) Louise Jones (020 7955 7367)

KEI Awards Manager Marie Copperwaite 

Impact Support Manager Kieran Booluck