Organisational wellbeing

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LSE is committed to the wellbeing of all staff by recognising that high quality output can be enhanced by increased wellbeing, both physical, mental and emotional.

Consideration is taken on how best to support staff in numerous ways, including by looking at what provisions could be put in place to ensure self-care and personal development are prioritised.

The School provides in-house counselling, fitness facilities, a wide range of training, development and numerous flourishing networks for all staff to access.

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Mental health and wellbeing approach and policy

The School seeks to support all starnds of wellbeing in the workplace including physical, social, emotional and mental wellness.

Information on the commitments LSE makes to its staff are contained within the following documents:

Mental Health and Wellbeing policy


Approach to Mental Health and Wellbeing

Counselling Team at LSE

The School's specialised counselling team is accessible by both staff and students, and is based at our central London campus.  

LSE Counselling team

Staff can seek support from the Counselling team on a wide range of work and non-work related issues.

There may either be specific issues such as bereavement, relationship problems or the burden of financial issues, or more general issues such as dealing with stress, anxiety or depression that may be having a negative impact.

Dealing with your emotional wellbeing is an essential part of being a happy, productive individual and it is recommended that support is sought from a reputable source such as the Counselling team or your GP.

You can contact the counselling team by phone on 020 7955 6953 or email 

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The School is committed to developing an inclusive environment for all members of the School's community.

We have a dedicated EDI office that serves as a vital resource and leader in promoting and furthering LSE’s commitment to equity and diversity for all members of its community.

It provides the delivery of services for students, academic staff, professional services staff and senior management to support diversity, inclusiveness, equal access, equitable treatment and multicultural understanding and competency in a number of ways.

Take a look at the progress made with equity, diversity and inclusion issues, their direction for the future on their webpages Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Organisational Learning

The School has a range of training and development courses and information sessions avaiable to staff of all levels which will assist in professional and personal training, development, coaching and mentoring.  Take a look at what's on offer that can support your wellbeing and personal development in the up and coming months.

Organisational Learning website.

Learn for You

LSE has a culture of continious learning, with a fully comprehensive range of training and development options available to all levels of the organisation, and Learn for You is no exception.

With the Learn for You scheme, the School encourages staff bands 1-5 up to £220 per year to invest in any structured learning programme which supports your career ambitions whether it supports your current role at the School or not.

See how it all works by checking out - Learn for You or emailing

Volunteering Leave

The School’s staff volunteering provision applies to all employees at the School and has been designed to enable staff to proactively identify and get involved with volunteering opportunities.

The School supports and encourages volunteering by enabling staff to take up to five paid days a year (pro-rata for part time staff, running from January to December) to undertake voluntary work, which should be calculated and recorded locally. 

The School recognises the benefit and reward of taking on such work and the impact it can make on a charity or individual. The benefits of volunteering are well known, and can range from ‘giving back’ to a community, learning new skills and can also be linked to improving your own wellbeing.

Further benefits  of volunteering can be found on the LSE Volunteer Centre intranet page. Although the LSE Volunteer Centre is aimed at students and School alumni, it contains a lot of useful information about volunteering, so please do take a look.

If you choose to take up the School’s volunteering leave, we hope that you enjoy this valuable experience.

If you are interested in volunteering during working hours, please could you complete the online form here

As with any leave request, this must be agreed by your line manager and should be discussed well in advance of the leave dates. Although completing the online form does not approve your leave, it does allow us to see what types of volunteering are taking place, which we can use to promote the provision further!

Please do get in touch ( if you would be happy to feature as a case study on this page and/or in communications to promote the provision.