Safe Contacts

(Bullying and Harassment)

LSE Safe Contacts are members of LSE staff who have received training and can offer a confidential 'signposting' service for staff and students who have previously or are currently experiencing some form of bullying or harassment. 

The Safe Contacts are all volunteers, who are supported by the EDI office and who are committed to supporting LSE’s inclusive working, studying and social environment.There are two ways you can speak with a Safe Contact:

1. You can contact Equity, Diversity and Inclusion via email ( or by phone (020 7106 1229 or +447971552755)

2. You can reach out to a Safe Contact directly via their contact details below. 


Image of Safe Contact sarah wooley

Sarah Wooley
Programme Administrator
Department of Management
0207 107 5325

I have worked in Higher Education Administration since 2016 across 4 institutions and have held a number of roles where safeguarding and student support have been central. In my spare time I like to run, hike, read and paint.

Image of Safe Contact Angharad Thain

Angharad Thain
Programmes Manager
LSE Faith Centre

Angharad works with the Chaplain to manage the LSE Faith Centre leadership programmes, interfaith activities, dialogues and public events. Her wider interests include feminism, disarmament, identity and narrative.

Image of Safe Contact Astrid Soiza

Astrid Soiza
Exams and Course Selection Manager
Student Services Centre

My name is Astrid and I have been at LSE since 2010. I have had a number of roles in the Academic Registrar’s Division, and am currently the Exams and Course Selection Manager.  I have a very keen interest in student and staff wellbeing, so took on the role of a Safe Contact in summer 2019.

Image of Safe Contact Astrid Sanders

Astrid Sanders
Associate Professor
Department of Law

I am an academic in the Law Department, who joined the LSE in September 2013 (before that, I was a lecturer at the University of Birmingham for four years). My specialism, in research and in teaching, is Employment Law.

Image of Safe Contact Damian Roberts

Damian Roberts
Department Manager
Department of Social Policy
0207 955 7345

Having worked at LSE for many years, I know how busy, complex and stressful place it can be. In this environment, I hope that I and the other safe contacts can offer easily accessible support and guidance in a safe, non-judgmental space to whoever needs it.

As dad to three boys, in my ‘spare’ time I find myself standing on the football pitch touchline in the driving rain, being briefed on the intricacies of the latest Lego creation and fending off attacks from ninjas!

Image of Safe Contact Anouska Nithyanandan

Anouska Nithyanandan
Grant Applications Manager
Research and Innovation
0207 107 5388

I have worked in higher education for several years, as a researcher and also managing research support. I am passionate about supporting the environment in which we work, learn and do research. I have been a committee member of the EmbRace staff network since I joined LSE in 2017. I have received training for bullying and harassment support and have been a Safe Contact since 2020.

In my spare time I like going to the cinema, long walks around South London parks, and my regular Sunday morning boxing class.

Photo of Safe Contact Nina Keleher

Nina Keleher
Programme Manager
Digital Skills Lab
0207 106 1277

I have enjoyed being part of the LSE community since January 2014 and became a safe contact because I wanted to give something back. I am studying herbal medicine in my spare time and have a keen interest in the wellbeing of people as well as the planet. I also enjoy going for long walks, playing board games with friends and family and all types of crafts, particularly knitting.

Image of Safe Contact Sara Geneletti

Sara Geneletti
Associate Professor
0207 955 7646

I chose to become a safe contact because I experienced bullying my career, mostly at meetings with prominent individuals. It was both infuriating and humiliating. I like to think that I no longer take any bullying and I want to be in a position where I can either help empower students and colleagues to stand up to bullies of all sorts. I know that it is hard and the environment we work and study in, is challenging and can often be high pressured. Hopefully together we can change this. 

What is your favourite book and why? 
The left hand of darkness by Ursula Le Guin. I love this book because every time I read it, I find something new.

Pete Evanson's Profile Picture

Pete Evanson
School Senior Advocate for Students
Student Services Centre

My name is Pete Evanson and I have been the School Senior Advocate for Students for just under a year.  I am responsible for the general oversight of the student experience, especially pastoral and welfare aspects.

Image of Safe Contact Sevilay Erdogan

Sevilay Erdogan 
Residential & Catering Services
0207 107 5603

I have worked at LSE for a number of years and I am currently a receptionist in one of the halls of residence. I work with students on a daily basis, and I took on this role as I have a keen interest in the safety and wellbeing of all students and staff.In my spare time, I am currently studying for a degree from home and I enjoy reading and socialising with friends and family.

Image of Safe Contact Mark-Bryceland

Mark Bryceland
MSc Programmes Manager
Department of Government
0207 955 6300

In my current role I frequently help students who may experience difficulties on a range of issues related to their programme of study. I decided to become a safe contact in spring 2020 in order to signpost students and staff to appropriate sources of help at the School.In my spare time I go to the gym or for a run most lunchtimes. Outside of work I am a music enthusiast and budding script-writer.

Image of Safe Contact kelly benson

Kelly Benson
Faculty Affairs Manager
0207 955 6291

I have worked in Higher Education Administration since 2001, this is my third institution and I have been at LSE since 2014. My current role is primarily academic recruitment and supporting key HR functions for the Department.  I have a keen interest in student and staff wellbeing and took on the role of a Safe Contact in March 2020.