Become a Safe Contact

Safe contacts are members of LSE staff who have received training and can offer a confidential 'signposting' service for staff and students who have previously or are currently experiencing some form of discrimination, bullying, sexual violence or harassment. 

Safe Contacts can support students and staff no matter someone’s gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability and more.

Safe Contacts are all volunteers, who are supported by the EDI office and who are committed to supporting LSE’s inclusive working, studying and social environment.

There are two different pathways for Safe Contacts:

1. Safe Contacts who can support with bullying, discrimination, and harassment.

2. Safe Contacts who can support with bullying, discrimination, harassment, AND sexual violence/harassment. These Safe Contacts receive additional training from Rape crisis on supporting people who have been subjected to sexual violence.

What support do Safe Contacts receive?

Safe Contacts are supported by the EDI team.

Each term Safe Contacts receive an optional reflective practise sessions with a member of the staff counselling team and the anti-harassment support advisor.

What time commitment is involved in becoming a Safe Contact?

We cannot give an exact number of how much time you may spend providing frontline support to students and staff but in addition to supporting students and staff we do have other spaces for Safe Contacts.

  • One meeting per term which is an hour long.
  • One Reflective practise session per term which is an hour long.