Inductions for academics and GTAs at LSE

You can find details of the three annual inductions organised by the Eden Centre below.

New Academic Induction Programme (NAIP)

Details for 2020

The New Academic Induction Programme (NAIP) for academics joining the LSE runs each year in early September, before the start of Michaelmas Term. It takes place over 3-4 days. The NAIP this year ran from Monday 7 to Thursday 10 September 2020, on Zoom. This year it included asynchronous elements as well as more traditional online sessions.

All initial invites are sent out in July - new names being added to the list as we are made aware of them by their LSE Departments and LSE HR.

The first day of the programme included a welcome from key colleagues at the School including the Director and the Pro-Directors, which provided an introduction to different aspects of academic life at LSE.

After the first day, the programme focused on teaching and learning issues, including lecturing and seminar teaching, assessment and feedback and academic mentoring and inclusivity.

All new academics were strongly encouraged to attend the NAIP. For new assistant professors who will be undertaking the LSE Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education, it forms the core attendance requirements for the programme.  

If you would like more information about the NAIP, or have started at LSE since it took place, please contact us by email at


Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) Induction

Details for 2020

The GTA Induction Programme is offered to all new class teachers when they first start teaching at LSE and provides a strong foundation for them to develop their teaching skills and careers. GTA Induction takes place in September and this year our provision includes asynchronous elements as well as more traditional online sessions.

The aims of the programme are to

  • introduce you to teaching at LSE, including the functions and requirements of the GTA/Guest Teacher role, and how it is both informed by, as well as supports, various policies and processes across the School;

  • highlight the sources of support that are available for both you and your students during your time at LSE;

  • foster a sense of community with your teaching peers;

  • encourage you to develop your ideas as to what good teaching and learning is in the context of higher education with your disciplinary context;

  • stimulate critical engagement with educational research to inform and develop your own teaching practice;

  • provide a strong foundation for further your professional development as a teacher;

  • empower you to confidently approach your first teaching role at LSE.

By the end of this programme, you will be able to

  • Understand the institutional and disciplinary context of LSE.

  • Design and implement a class using the principle of constructive alignment.
  • Incorporate inclusivity and accessibility into your class design and teaching practice.

  • Identify and assess students’ needs in academic matters and provide appropriate support.

  • Provide useful and developmental feedback to your students.

  • Evaluate and reflect upon your own teaching using a range of evaluation and monitoring techniques.

Some of the information from the Induction can also be found in the LSE GTA Portal, launched in 2019. For more information on the induction, please email


Heads of Department (HoD) Induction

Details for 2020

The Heads of Department Induction programme is a two day event for incoming HoDs (and Deputy HoDs) which takes place annually. It is usually attended by the Director of LSE, as well as our Pro-Directors for Education and Research, and other key colleagues.

The Induction this year took place on Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 June 2020, and was conducted online.