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How can we equip our students to build a sustainable future?

Embedding sustainability across our teaching and learning experiences is the commitment of the Education strand of LSE’s Sustainability Strategic Plan and part of delivering LSE 2030 Priority 1: Educate for Impact. Learn more about this initiative and how you can get involved below.

Why Education for Sustainability at LSE?

Education for Sustainability is an opportunity for:

  • LSE to act on its Education for Impact commitments and ensure social sciences makes its critical contribution to sustainability.
  • LSE educators to engage and motivate students with a topic they are passionate about and develop students’ critical and systems thinking.
  • LSE students to be prepared for the complex challenges they face and a workplace where sustainability will be a shared responsibility regardless of one’s role.

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Dr Erica Pani (Assistant Professor of Local Economic Development and Planning, LSE Department of Geography and Environment, as well as Academic Lead for Education for Sustainability) talks about the Education for Sustainability initiative at LSE, and a little bit about its goals and proposals.