Curriculum design and enrichment

Before starting to design your new course or programme it would be useful to review School policy and gain an overview of the various processes involved.

Do you want to design:

  • A new programme?
  • A new course?

The links below provide guidance on key strategies you will need to draw on when designing your curriculum.

Constructive alignment

Guidance on ensuring intended learning outcomes are supported by learning activities and assessment.

Blended learning

Guidance on making connections between class activities and independent or peer group study.

Research-rich education

Guidance on ways to connect learning with research.

Inclusive education

Guidance on the principles that underpin inclusive education.

Engaging with Students as Partners

Guidance on how you can engage students as partners across curriculum design and delivery.

Creativity and playful learning

Guidance on how you can use creativity and playful learning to support critical thinking.

Civic engagement

Guidance on how civic engagement activities can enrich both social interactivity and active learning in our courses.

Education for Sustainability at LSE

Guidance on how we can equip our students to build a sustainable future.