Eden Development Fellowships

The Eden Centre is committed ​to fostering excellence and innovation in social science education while ensuring that our work is underpinned by strong scholarly foundations.
The Eden Development Fellowship programme provides an exciting opportunity for ECT colleagues to develop and implement projects and contribute to the establishment of a culture of high-quality inclusive teaching, innovation and scholarship at LSE.

Applications for 2023/24 are currently open - see below:

Why should you get involved?

An Eden Development Fellowship gives you the opportunity to engage in a project to:​ 

  • Pioneer education enhancement and practice change in your department and across the School​ 

  • Build your profile as education leaders in your department, across the School, the broader HE sector in the UK and internationally

  • Further your professional development with a view to possible promotion or alternative career opportunities in the future

  • Provide a basis for a possible future application for a National Teaching Fellowship application.

What will I do as part of the fellowship?

During your Fellowship, you will carry out a project based on an area of innovative teaching, scholarship or pedagogy and practice that you would like to explore in more depth.

Applications are welcome on any subject. We welcome applications focusing on key priorities of LSE2030 Educate for Global Impact. Possible areas of interest may include:

  • Research rich education

  • Inclusivity in the curriculum and in the classroom

  • Digital innovation

  • Assessment

  • Learning in quantitative disciplines

  • Embedding sustainability in the curriculum

  • Optionality

  • Learning communities

  • Student partnership and co-creation

  • Active learning

  • Academic mentoring

Fellows will become part of a growing community of practice of colleagues at LSE undertaking scholarly research and activity to investigate teaching and learning in higher education. Where appropriate they will be partnered with a member of the Academic Development team, the Eden Digital team, the Inclusive Education team or the Education Enhancement Projects team in the Eden Centre for consultation and guidance and/or education experts in the broader sector. They will also have the opportunity to discuss approaches to evaluation with the Eden Centre Evaluation Manager Jonathan Schulte.

Eden Development Fellows will be expected to produce at least two outputs:

  • An applied resource oriented towards practice development at LSE, and

  • A resource with a more scholarly focus.

These might include a teaching resource, an Atlas workshop, podcast, LSE HE Blog post, video, short research paper or journal article depending on the objectives of the project and subject to discussion with the Eden Centre.

As you approach the end of your project, fellows will be expected to evaluate the project and work with the Eden Centre to disseminate the impact of your work and feed into the evaluation of this initiative in its pilot stage.

​Depending on the focus of the individual projects, fellows will be invited to present their work at the ECT Forum, DHoDs Education/Teaching Forum, Programme Directors Forum or Education Forum. 

Project funding

The honorarium award can form part of your own personal income or be directed towards research expenses.

Funds are typically awarded in Winter Term of the relevant academic year.

How do I apply?

Please note: applications for Fellowships require the approval of your Head of Department (you will be asked to briefly confirm this on the form.) So please do contact them before beginning the application process.

To submit an application, fill in our form here. We will be in touch with next steps.

If you have any questions or would like to have an initial discussion before submitting an application, please contact Dr Claire Gordon (c.e.gordon@lse.ac.uk), Director, LSE Eden Centre.

Project short-listing criteria

The primary considerations will be:

  1. Potential value for education enhancement at LSE

  2. Feasibility

  3. Potential contribution to the development of your role as an ECT academic

  4. Scholarship contribution.

Information on past Fellowships awards

For the first pilot year, we invited applications for up to 8 Eden Development Fellowship positions for the remainder of the academic year. ​The Eden Development Fellows were awarded an honorarium of £1,500.00 to undertake a project on teaching innovation, scholarship or pedagogy and practice.

The Fellows appointed were:

  • Paul Apostolidis, Department of Government, Resources for Student Public Research Partnerships

  • Ken Lee, Department of Accounting, Understanding student career aspirations to effectively develop curricular and extra-curricular content

  • Dora Sallai, Department of Management, Learning and teaching through simulation in management  

  • Julio Amador Diaz Lopez, Data Science Institute, Computer aided marking of coursework containing open-ended questions

  • Pik Liew, Department of Accounting, Computer-based exams: ‘quantitative-based’ and ‘quantitative-and-qualitative (mixed)’ exams

  • Jonathan Cardoso, Data Science Institute, Understanding Course Selection Pathways

The successful applicants received their funds in April 2022. Depending on their project objectives and intended outcomes, applicants had the opportunity to apply for an additional honorarium to continue their project in the academic year 2022/23.