Quick guides

These guides are designed to provide a brief summary of key topics/strategies relevant to a number of learning and teaching contexts. Each guide provides an overview of the topic/strategy, how this benefits students’ learning and how to find further relevant information. 

Digital Accessibility Checklist

Some essential tips for ensuring the accessibility of your teaching content.

Family and house systems  

Family and house systems are particular forms of social support (in contrast to academic and career support) that an institution can provide for its members, and primarily address issues of socialisation and integration. 

Field trips and away days

Field trips and away days enable students to make connections within their cohorts and across cohorts and are one of the ways in which we can support students in developing innovative ways of learning, creating and collaborating.

Peer study groups 

Peer study groups can be used to encourage group interaction and support, particularly amongst new students, and thus ease the transition period of students arriving at LSE.