Commercial Customers

Simplifying payments for Commercial customers and partners.

New modernised Self service portal and secure payment platform

LSE have implemented new payment requirements for commercial customers, from September 2023 commercial customers will be required to access the Commercial Finance Hub to make a payment for a sterling currency invoices. 

The process to register is simple and offers greater security for customers, partners and LSE.

The new portal provides our customers with self service functionality and greater control of their account.

Commercial Customer definition

Any organisation that has a separate identity for the purpose of commerce, trading or business other than a named person or individual. Sole traders using their personal details for trading will be included in this category if the purpose of the business is classed as commercial trading.

Payment Policy

LSE Payment Policy  sets out:

  • Payment Terms
  • Payment options
  • Payment penalties
  • Commercial Finance Hub Terms of Use

The Payment Policy should be read in conjunction with the Credit Management Policy

Payment Terms

Commercial customers are expected to pay invoices within 30 days net of the invoice date unless otherwise specified.

Please refer to Section 3 of the Payment Policy for further details. 

Accessing the Commercial Finance Hub

Customers will be sent a portal invite, please refer to the Commercial Finance Hub user guide for further details on how to register and access the portal. 

How to make a payment 

The school requires that commercial customers pay for GBP (sterling) invoices through the Commercial Finance Hub. Foreign currency invoices can still be paid direct to the LSE bank account, details will be provided on the invoice that has been issued to you. 

Payment should be made through the Commercial Finance Hub, please refer to the Commercial Finance Hub guide for further details. 

If you do not have access to the Hub please email


Monthly account statements

Customers will be issued with a monthly statement via email, customers can also access the statements through the Commercial Finance Hub, please refer to the Commercial Finance Hub guide for further details. 


If you are due a refund please send an email to please provide your account number and the reason for the refund request.

How to contact us

You can contact the Credit Control and Compliance team by emailing