Frequently asked questions

When can I make payment for fees ?

You can make payment once you have been advised that you have an offer and your account is created in School's finance system.

You can select the Advance Pay option in the payment portal, this option allows you to pay in advance against a specific invoice such as tuition or accommodation fees.

You should not use this option when your invoice has been issued/generated 

Note: The School does not accept cash, cheque or draft payments for tuition or accommodation fees.

Payment Portal

When do I pay ?

You can pay in full or part prior to enrolment.

Students who have not paid in full before or at enrolment will be placed on a payment plan. You can access your payment plan via the payment plan tile in the Finance Hub

Payment dates for Standard Programmes are October 28th, January 28th and April 28th of each academic year.

Instalment options Executive Programmes - this page provides detailed payment dates

When will my payment plan be issued ?

Payment plans are normally created and available to view within 7-10 working days of your enrolment date, the plan may be available earlier so please ensure you review your Finance Hub account regularly in the first weeks of term.

You can access your Payment Plan via the Finance Hub

Finance Hub

Is there a discount for paying in advance ?

There is no discount for paying your tuition fees in advance. 

Can I change my Tuition fees payment plan ?

If you experience difficulties meeting the payment due dates please email or submit an enquiry via the Finance Hub. Please outline the reasons why you are unable to pay and a member of our Support team will contact you. 

When are sponsorship invoices issued ?

The invoice will be emailed to your sponsor after you have enrolled. Please advise your sponsor to allow 7-14 days for the invoice to be issued.

Sponsors will be required to make full payment on receipt of our invoice, the payment terms are 30 days

When will my tuition fee invoice be available ?

Your tuition fee invoice will normally be generated within 1-2 working days after you have enrolled

You will need to access the Finance Hub to view/download the invoice. 


When will my U.S. Federal Loans be disbursed ?

Your Loans will be disbursed once per term, you will be issued with a notice prior to disbursement, this will provide an outline of the disbursement time line.

Unless otherwise advised, your loans will be disbursed within the first week of each new term.

For further information see  U.S. Federal Loans

When will I see my Fees and maintenance scholarship on the Student Finance Hub ?

Typically tuition, accommodation and scholarship transactions will visible in the Finance Hub within 7-10 working days of your enrolment date.

I have received an award from LSE. How will it be paid?

Financial awards made by LSE are put towards your fees for the year. If the award made by the School covers only a part of your fees, you are responsible for paying the remainder. You may pay the remainder either in full at enrolment or in instalments, but no discount is available if you have an LSE award. If a proportion of the award is specifically intended for your living costs, you will be contacted by the FSO. The School will pay your award to your U.K. bank account 

Please contact the Financial Support Office for further information.

When can I access the Student Finance Hub

You can access the Finance Hub when you have an LSE network account.

Where do I request a refund?

If you are a enrolled student you can request your refund via the Finance Hub

See the Refunds page for further information

How do I access my financial records?

Please review the My LSE Finance Guide 

What is the difference between the Finance Hub and the Payment Portal

The Finance Hub is a portal which provides you with a view of your financial transactions, including invoices and payments you may have made. 

Finance Hub

The Payment Portal is a secure page which should be used to pay for tuition and accommodation fees. 

Payment Portal

How do I get a receipt for my payment ?

Registered students can view and download receipts by logging into the Finance Hub.


Where can I find details about my LSE accommodation fees

For details of accommodation fees, payment and deadlines, please click here