LSE Contracts

Agreements in place for you to use 

Please check the guidance below before buying anything. In many cases there will already be a contract in place for what you require.


Preferred option:  LSE in-house catering

LSE Procurement recommend the School’s in-house catering service who can provide a range of catering services, operate ethical procurement practices and pay the London Living Wage.  Unfortunately, this may not always be the case for many outside caterers. 

To see available options and to make a hospitality order online, see: LSE Catering Services

Facilities Management Services (buildings and environment)

Estates Division's Facilities Management Team manage the contracts which look after the School's physical buildings and general environment. These include:

  1. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  2. Lighting
  3. Plumbing
  4. Fire alarms
  5. Access control (including Salto locks)
  6. Cleaning
  7. Blinds, curtains and furniture
  8. Plants , flowers and landscaping
  9. Pest control
  10. Waste and recycling

For help and information relating to any of these services , please contact the Estates Helpdesk using the relevant Help Desk Request form.  If you cannot find the appropriate form, please email

Moves and Removal Services

LSE has in-house porters for small-scale moves and a contract with EDES for larger ones.

EDES can also assist with international moves if required (e.g members of staff moving to London).

For further information, please contact

Software, Hardware and Mobile Phones


Software purchases at LSE range from 'off the shelf' products, to hosted applications to major development projects. Purchasing software differs from buying other goods and services as strictly speaking, you are not buying the software, but buying the right to use the software. Regardless of the type of software or web application you might want to buy, a Cloud Assurance Questionaire is required to ensure it is safe to use.

What's a CAQ? (

Software & Hardware including Mobile Phones that are available from the IT helpdesk

For a list of what's available to purchase, visit: Hardware and Software

Software for complex IT projects

For more complex software systems you will need to contact the Business Improvement Unit (BIU), who will assist with the initiation and management of projects. If you are planning a major development, there is a formal process to follow.

Staff Recruitment Agencies

For information about LSE recruitment guidelines please contact: Kieran Darling - Senior HR Policy Adviser:

Contact details: 020 7955 6545,

School’s Procedure from 05/02/24 for Selecting Staff Recruitment Agencies

There are three tiers of Supplier Agencies, the first tier includes two suppliers, the second tier includes sixteen suppliers and the third tier number of suppliers will vary according to the start and expire dates of the Framework Call-Off Contract.

First tier companies were chosen through two framework agreements available to the School through our membership of LUPC.

The second tier companies were chosen through a Preferred Supplier List process. The initial list was compiled in October 2023.

The third tier companies includes suppliers where a call-off contract exists from one of the frameworks we have access to, these tend to be short term.

Agency selection process:

Step One: Make contact with first tier agency suppliers, consider and review their background, roles, fees, selection process and candidates quality and availability.

Step Two: If unsuccessful after conducting step 1, consider and review information available on second tier agency suppliers, their backgrounds, roles, fees and candidates.

Step Three: If unsuccessful after conducting step 2, please email and a case will be created on Salesforce and allocated to the appropriate person within the Procurement Team.  Within the email, details should be included about the steps conducted by the LSE hiring managing, details of communications, job description, personal specification, band number and suppliers involved.  

Step Four: There are three options for LSE hiring managers, either review LSE Tier One Agency Suppliers, review Tier Two PSL Agency Suppliers Backgrounds and their roles available for LSE, or review Tier Three Call-Off Contract Supplier then make contact with the supplier contact or contact the Procurement Team member directly via and they will support the hiring manager, who maybe able to provide a list of candidates.

Step Five:  All first, second and third tier suppliers have a contract with LSE and therefore your direct requirements with the supplier can be either purchase order or invoice, all of the terms of the aforementioned contract will be applied.

First tier suppliers, backgrounds, due diligence, roles and fees

Agency Name:

  • Adecco UK
  • Blue Arrow (The Impellam Group)

For further information about these suppliers please refer to "Procurement Managing in Partnership with LSE Divisions and Departments" section.

Second tier suppliers, backgrounds, due diligence, roles and fees

Agency Name:

  • Australasian Recruitment Company Limited
  • Cedar Recruitment Ltd
  • CY Recruitment Limited
  • Commercial Services Trading Ltd
  • Goodman Masson Limited
  • Gray Agency Ltd
  • L.A. International Computer Consultants Limited
  • La Fosse Associates Limited
  • Morgan Spencer Limited
  • Resourcing Group
  • Salt Contracts Ltd
  • Signature Recruitment Ltd
  • Strategic People Ltd
  • Tiger Recruitment Ltd
  • TPP Recruitment Limited
  • Val Wade Recruitment

For further information about these suppliers please refer to "Procurement Managing in Partnership with LSE Divisions and Departments" section.


Third tier Suppliers and Contracts

Frameworks call-off contracts are short term, up to one year, and are for certain category of roles.

The frameworks we consider are managed by:

LUPC, LUPC is a not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to achieve value for money for members in their procurement of goods and services, in a way that benefits members, society and the economy, whilst minimising damage to the environment;

SUPC, they help universities and colleges buy smarter. Members use their frameworks and support services to make sure organisations  procurement activities deliver value for money to students, staff and wider communities;

APUC (Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges);

CCS (Crown Commercial Services) CCS plays an important role helping the UK public sector save money when buying common goods and services.

If you are interested in creating a call-off contract from one of these frameworks, please email Procurement (


Procurement Managing in Partnership with LSE Divisions and Departments

A Microsoft Teams site has been created called “Procurement Staff Recruitment Agencies” with further information: support documents, agency supplier details, fees, list of roles and which departments in LSE work with these agencies.

All this information will be developed over time as more departments engage with these agencies.

Please email and an invite will be sent to join the Teams site and access information documents.

Posts can be created to communicate with Procurement Contract Manager.

Future drop-in-sessions will be created for support.


For value for money and traveller safety reasons, please book your travel and accommodation via our dedicated Travel Management Company (TMC). 

Please check the dedicated travel page here

Design and Print

LSE has an in-house Design Unit who produce design materials and official publications for the School.

The School also has an in-house Reprographics Service who manage the LSE contract for Multi-Functional Devices which do printing, photocopying and scanning (MFDs) and provide quotes for new MFD installation, servicing and maintenance.

Reprographics also offer bulk printing services and can produce LSE-branded letterheads, business cards, envelopes etc.


LSE has a contract for these, please contact for more information.

White Goods


Please discuss your requirements with Estates Helpdesk