Financial Systems

We aim to to have the best possible Systems to support the School’s operations and development.

Our Vision

It is the Division’s aspiration to have the best possible Systems to support the School’s operations and development.  It is our strategic aim to support the School’s development.               

We will influence and add value to the School and its operations and development, in particular by the provision of timely data/analysis and benchmark data.

We will plan development to minimise risk and future-proof our systems (as far as is possible), and a ‘to be’ state of; 

  • efficient, customer-focussed operational services;
  • being agile and adaptable to change;
  • flexible, robust and secure systems and processes;
  • excellent management information and planning systems;
  • single source data, with consistent and understood terminology.

Our purpose and responsibilities

The Finance Systems team are comprised of fully and part-qualified accountants, and are the experts in the School’s financial systems. Systems in this context are defined in the broadest sense and include all financial processes, including those which are partially manual. Substantial financial processes and data exist outside of Central Finance and core Finance Systems, and that these are in-scope for the team and strategy.  

  • responsibility for the integrity, security and ensuring appropriate access to financial data. This extends to incoming and outgoing interfaces and processes generating financial entries in feeder systems.
  • responsible for signing-off all changes to and new implementations of systems that affect financial processes or data.
  • key liaison point between the division and stakeholders on Financial Systems matters, and internally and externally aims to add value to and promote the effective use of our financial systems, including assurance of value for money.
  • plays a key role in interpreting requirements, suggesting/evaluating options and providing, or assisting stakeholders to self-serve, appropriate financial information and/or financial data for further analysis.
  • responsible for commissioning, delivering and co-ordinating internal and external financial training.
  • responsible for ensuring that IMT strategy takes proper regard to the ambition of the Financial Systems strategy, and vice-versa. Similarly, this strategy seeks to align to the School and Divisional strategy and priorities. 

Budget holders and controllers

To monitor budgets, budget holders and controllers have access to Statements 5.

For more information on the reports available to budget holders and how to gain access, please visit the following various Statements 5 sections.

Statements 5

Statements 5 is the School’s suite of financial reports for budget controllers and signatories. It is accessed via a web browser. The reports within Statements 5 allow users to:

  • compare actual expenditure against available budget and forecasts
  • view details of all transactions posted to a budget code
  • view images of scanned accounts payable invoices and expense claims


Access to Statements 5

New users should complete a new user request form and submit it to the Financial Accounting team:,

Permission will be granted to to view budget codes.

Once this is completed the Financial Systems team will grant access to Statements 5.


Launching Statements 5

Statements 5 does not require an additional password as it uses the LSE’s active directory. To access Statements 5 you should either be logged onto a PC on campus, or connected to the LSE network via the remote desktop.

A shortcut to Statements 5 can be accessed via: 

Start > All Programs > Administrative Applications > Aptos Reports > Statements5 Live 


Statements 5 training

A number of help pages are included within Statements5, and can be accessed from each report. 

These include details of how to run the reports, the information available and a detailed glossary. 

In addition to this resource there are regular ‘Statements 5 Surgeries’ planned where staff are invited to discuss any questions they have with the Financial Systems team. 

To book a place on one of the following sessions please visit the HR Training System


Aptos 10

Aptos is the main financial system used by the School.

It is used to record and process all of the School’s:

  • income and expenditure
  • assets and liabilities

Examples of items recorded are customer and supplier invoices, issue of payments, income received and budgets.

Budgetholders access information via “Statements 5” reports.

Aptos is provided by BPlan-UK, who are based in Basingstoke, and is used by a number of other UK universities. 


Access to Aptos 10

To obtain an Aptos user account, your line manager should:

send written authorisation to

To include:

  • your name
  • network ID
  • details of permissions required.
  • if replacing an existing Aptos user then please state which Aptos user we should base the permissions of the new user on.


Remove access to Aptos 10

If an Aptos user’s role changes or they leave the School then their manager should inform


Types of Aptos User

The majority of staff with financial responsibilities within the School, such as budget holders and controllers, do not access Aptos directly. To monitor their budgets these staff have access to Statements 5. For more information on the reports available to budget holders and how to gain access please visit the Statements 5 section above

Staff that need to process transactions into the financial system directly are given access to Aptos 10. These staff work in Finance Division, Research Divisions and Residences Division, or an area that raise their own sales invoices. 


Installing Aptos on your computer

The Systems Accounting Team are not responsible for installations of Aptos.

For assistance please contact the IT Service Desk.


Aptos 10 training

Please contact the Systems Accounting Team at:, who can arrange training for

Aptos 10. 


New Core Financials Project

The School is currently undertaking a project to replace Aptos, which has been live at the School for almost 20 years. 

The project has been active for 12 months, produced a detailed specification for replacement and is now in its procurement phase.

Fuller details will be published once the successful bidder is known.

If you have any questions about this project please contact Keith Adams,, Head of Financial Systems, 

Supported systems 

Please contact / ext. 7088 to discuss training and support requests for the School’s financial systems.

The main supported systems are;

  • Aptos 10
  • Statements 5
  • SSRS reporting from Aptos
  • Cyclops
  • Online Payment Channels, eShop

Please note that RCSD systems support the School’s EPoS and Accommodation Systems.


Contact for additional support

If you have any questions or issues when running Statements5 please contact the Financial Systems team (

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