Financial Planning and Analysis

Assisting Departments and Divisions with budgeting and sound financial planning


As business partners, FP&A Managers collaborate with, and support, Budget Controllers in achieving value for money for their individual business units and the School. For more information, please see here.

Meet the FP&A Team

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Naomi Richardson - Assistant Director of Finance, Head of Financial Planning & Analysis

Responsible for the development and delivery of financial planning and analysis to senior management, academic departments and service divisions. Line management responsibility for the Financial Planning and Analysis team. 

Proposals for Large Scale Research Grants/Centres, Major Academic Initiatives.


Laura Gilbert - Deputy Head of Financial Planning and Analysis

Deputise for Head of Financial Planning & Analysis. Line management responsibility for the Financial Planning and Analysis team. 


Ellen Fraser - FP&A Manager

Responsible for Fees and the Financial Planning Model.


Sandra Daly - FP&A Manager 

Responsible for Research Grants, Contracts and Centres overview, Research Centre reporting and enquiries, IGC overview, (LSEE) Consulting overview, Also responsible for Research & Innovation, Library, Careers, Communications, Directorate, Secretary's and Planning Division, and Estates and Security.


Ioannis Tsolkas - FP&A Manager

Responsible for the Finance and HR divisions, forecasting and overview of staff salaries, Discretionary pay budgets, Remuneration Committee, replacement teaching and fund checks for all Establishment Academic Department posts.


Gorinder Sidhu - FP&A Manager

Responsible for Summer Schools, Executive Education and ULIP, Online courses, Online Degrees, and the Executive MSc's. Responsible for the Department of  Economics (and the Economica publication).


Kevin Randall - FP&A Manager

Responsible for the Philanthropy and Global Engagement (PAGE) Division including the PKU Programme and the following Institutes; FLIA, III, Marshall Institute, Marshall Institute Accelerator. Responsible for the following Academic Departments: Management, International Relations, International Development, International History, Mathematics, Finance, School of Public Policy, Social Policy, Law, Government, Gender Institute and Geography.


Spencer Javangwe - FP&A manager

Responsible for Academic Registrars Division (ARD)/Student Services, Scholarships, Student Union, Language Centre, Confucius, LSE 100, Academic & Professional Development (APD), Digital Skills Lab, LSE Life, Faith Centre, EDI, PhD Academy (including post doc ESRC fellows) and Eden Centre. Also responsible for the following Academic Departments: Methodology, Philosophy, Statistics, Media and Communications, Anthropology, Psychological and Behavioural Science, Sociology (incl the British Journal of Sociology and Economy and Society) plus attends Cluster 3 and 4 meetings. 


Saif Malik– Financial Planning Analyst

Responsible for (LSEE) Custom Programmes, Conferences, ICEF and TRIUM. Responsible for the Department of Health Policy. Assisting with Extended Education, including Summer School, Executive Education, ULIP and other Executive Masters enquiries.


Vanessa Mansingh - Financial Planning Analyst

Responsible for DTS, the Business Improvement Unit and Data Science Initiative.


Nirasha Perera - Financial Planning Analyst

Responsible for Residences and Catering reporting and enquiries, and the following Academic Departments: Accounting, Economic History, and the European Institute.


Iftekhar Hoque– FP&A manager

Assisting with the Philanthropy and Global Engagement (PAGE) Division and PAGE costing and pricing. Assisting with the following departments: Management, International Relations, International Development, International History, Mathematics, Finance, School of Public Policy, Social Policy, Law, Government, Gender Institute and Geography. Responsible for HEIF, IAA. HEFCE and other grants, staff research accounts, research allowances and replacement teaching. Assisting with Research Centre reporting and enquiries.


Ridhwaan Hussain – Financial Planning Analyst

Responsible for the maintenance of the salary forecasting database, monthly FTE reporting, and maternity and sickness transfers. Assisting with Research Centre reporting and enquiries and responsible for REF, and RTSG.


Academic Managers Meeting

Budget Controllers and Budget Approvers

Budget Controllers

Budget Controllers are responsible to the Chief Financial Officer and the Finance and Estates Committee (FEC) for the management of budgets within their control. 

Budget Approvers

Budget approvers are responsible to their Budget Controller for the income and expenditure appropriate to their budgets.

For more information, see this extract on Budget Controllers/Signers from the Financial Regulations.


Please see the OneFinance web pages for comprehensive information about the School's finance system and associated processes.

Should you need any assistance please contact the relevant section within the Finance Division by using the Finance Division enquiry form.


A-Z of useful documents

Fund Checks

  • All 1st Fund Checks (Authority to Advertise) and any contract changes in existing staff that have a budgetary impact should be sent to the relevant funding approver in Finance Division.

  • 2nd Fund Checks - Confirmation that funds are available before the School can make a contractual offer will go to HR.

  • The E-recruitment system will automatically direct first fund checks to the relevant funding approver, which will be reviewed within our standard SLA of 3 working days.  If your request is more urgent, please contact your FP&A Manager directly.   

  • If you are unsure about the appropriate person to contact for funding approval, please contact your FP&A Manager.

  • If you have any further questions about the Fund Check process, please speak with your relevant HR contact or FP&A Manager. A list of all HR Partners, Advisers and Administrators can be found here.

  • The New 2020/21 Fund Check Process Form can be found here and guidance to the Process Steps can be found by clicking here.

Process Mapping the Customer Journey: New Starters and Contract Variations


  • Journals over £10k require FP&A Manager approval.

  • Journal Requests should be submitted in OneFinance, please see here for more information (Information for budget holders section).


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