Senior Common Room

As a member of staff, you are invited to become a member of the Senior Common Room, which plays a central role in the academic and social life of the School. 

How to apply


Subscription rates

The subscription rates are as follows:

Band    Salary Range*             Monthly subscription 

A          Less than £27,011       £ 1.65

B          £27,012 - £36,122       £ 2.20

C          £36,123 - £53,565       £ 2.85

D          £53,566 - £71,821       £ 4.95

E          £71,822 or more         £ 7.45

* The salary ranges shown correlate with points on the School's salary scales and are adjusted in line with pay awards; all regular pay is taken into account in determining the appropriate band. Part-time staff pay the subscription appropriate to their pro-rated salary.

Senior Common Room members' subscriptions will be deducted from salary by the Pay Team each month.

Christmas Box

In the December payroll, an additional "Christmas Box" deduction (equivalent to one month's regular subscription) is made.

The "Christmas Box" is distributed as a gratuity by the SCR Committee to members of the School's catering and portering staff who have been of particular assistance to the operation of the SCR during the previous year. SCR members who wish to opt out of the Christmas Box should email in time for the December payroll deadline.

Contact us


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