Professional Services Staff Contribution

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Terms of reference

1.         Title of Group

1.1       Professional Services Staff Contribution (PSSC) Group.

1.2       The membership of the PSSC Group is provided below.

2.         Status of Group

2.1       Advisory to the Director

3.         Responsibilities delegated to PSSC by Remuneration Committee

3.1       To determine the award of contribution pay – additional increments and non-recurrent awards – for professional services staff, as a means to recognise and reward the exceptional contribution of individual members of staff. To do this in the context of School strategy regarding pay and remuneration and prevailing financial conditions.

3.2       The determinations of PSSC will be based on the recommendations of Group Heads. For 2019-2020 the Group Heads are as follows:


Staff included

Group Head


For staff reporting to the Chief Financial Officer and staff reporting to the Pro-Director, Planning and Resources

Pro-Director, Planning and Resources 


For staff reporting to the Pro-Director, Education

Pro-Director, Education


For staff reporting to the Pro-Director, Research

Pro-Director, Research


For staff reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, and staff working in ARD, the Directorate or Secretary’s Division.

Chief Operating Officer


For all remaining staff

Director of Human Resources

3.3       Each Group Head identified in A to E is responsible for ensuring that the proposed contribution payments (whether additional increments or non-recurrent awards) are distributed fairly and appropriately within their divisions, consulting their own senior staff as appropriate and ensuring it is within budget.

3.4       The members of PSSC should oversee the consistency of application across the Groups as to how staff are nominated for awards, consistency in the size of awards, and fairness in the award distribution.

3.5       To provide advice to Human Resources Management Board and/or the Director on significant issues affecting pay and remuneration policy for members of Professional Services staff.

3.6       To deal with such other remuneration and pay matters as may be referred to it by Human Resources Management Board and/or the Director.  

4.         Arrangements for the Group to report to the Human Resources Management Board

4.1       The PSSC shall make an annual report to Human Resources Management Board on its determinations in respect of individual members of staff and on any significant issues concerning pay and remuneration policy for members of professional services staff.

5.         Quorum

5.1       3 out of 5 members plus the Chair.

6.         Frequency of meetings

6.1       At least one annual meeting in the summer term of each session. 

6.2       Decisions can be taken by the Group by correspondence if necessary.

Last updated: June 2019




The membership of the PSSC Group comprises:

Professor Eric Neumayer

Pro-Director, Faculty Development (Chair)

Professor David Webb

Pro-Director, Planning and Resources

Professor Simon Hix

Pro-Director, Research

Professor Dilly Fung

Pro-Director, Education

Dr Andrew Young

Chief Operating Officer

Mr Indi Seehra

Director of Human Resources

Secretary: Seema Haria

HR Manager, Reward

Schedule of meetings

Michaelmas Term

Thursday 28 November 2019 from 11:00 to 13:00

Summer Term

Thursday 4 June 2020 from 10:30 to 12:30 


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