Contribution Pay

Contribution pay can be awarded to staff in the form of a recurrent or non-recurrent payment.


Academic Staff Reward Committee (ASRC)

The Academic Staff Reward Committee (ASRC) considers contribution pay for the following groups of staff:

  • Academic staff (both NAC and pre-NAC)
  • Research staff (bands 6 upwards, both NRSC and non-NRSC)
  • Policy staff
  • Education career track staff
  • Course tutors, LSE fellows, Guest Teachers, Senior Lecturers of Practice and Professors of Practice
  • Graduate Teaching Assistants

2019-20 Guidelines and nomination form 

 ASRC 2019-20 Guidelines

 ASRC 2019-20 Nomination form


Date / Deadline


Week commencing 6 April 2020

HR Reward team to send salary information, indicative budget and guidelines to line managers

29 May 2020

Line managers to send nominations to the HR Reward team (

24 June 2020

Academic Staff Reward Committee meeting chaired by the Director

25 June 2020

Human Resources Management Board meeting

By 31 July 2020

HR Reward team issues letters to line managers to pass on to staff

 Committee terms of reference, membership and meeting dates are available here.

Professional Services Staff Contribution (PSSC)

Professional Services Staff Contribution (PSSC) considers contribution pay on an annual basis for the following groups of staff:

  • Professional Services Staff

  • Research Staff (bands 5 and below)

 2019-20 Guidance and form


Date / Deadline


Early March 2020

Reward team to send link to guidance, indicative budget and salary data to Group Heads and Group E managers

6 May 2020

Group E only: Head of Department/Institute/Centre to send nominations to HR Partners.

6 May 2020

Group Heads A to D to send nominations to the Reward Team (

10 June 2020

Moderation meeting chaired by the Pro Director, Faculty Development

25 June 2020

Human Resources Committee meeting 

By 31 July 2020

Reward team informs Group Heads of the Committee’s decision and issues letters for Group Heads and Group E managers to pass on to staff. 

 Committee terms of reference, membership and meeting dates are available here



If you have any further queries, do not hesitate to contact a member of the HR Reward Team at