CDR - What's it all about?

An introduction to the CDR Toolkit

set objectives, explore development needs, discuss career aspirations

What is the Career Development Review?

The Career Development Review Scheme (CDR) for professional services staff is a continuous process designed to allow you and your line manager to:

  • Manage workload
  • Ensure wellbeing and work-life balance
  • Set objectives and performance standards
  • Review progress
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Explore development needs
  • Discuss career aspirations

This toolkit provides a range of updated resources and support to enable all staff to make the most of the CDR process, including:

  • Overall Career Development Review Guide
  • Creating Your Personal Development Plan (PDP)
  • Additional resources
  • How to set objectives
  • How to do one-to-ones
  • How to give and receive feedback

The CDR process at a glance

CDR Infographic

What is included in the CDR process?

The CDR is made up of:

  • Regular one-to-one catch-up meetings
  • A one-to-one meeting in August/September each year to set manageable objectives
  • A one-to-one meeting in June/July each year to review progress

One-to-one meetings should be held throughout the year to share on-going feedback, explore progress and ideas, and allow for any unexpected matters to be identified and addressed. These sessions are, by their nature, less formal than the annual review meeting. The timescale for these will be as relevant to the role; however, they should be held at least once a term (most areas of the School hold them monthly or fortnightly).


How is CDR progress recorded?

We've provided a form to help you and your line manager record progress. Once completed, the form should be uploaded to the LSE Sharepoint site.

Ahead of the meeting, the reviewee may also choose to seek additional feedback from others. A template feedback form is available for this purpose. Additional feedback is confidential to the reviewer and reviewee, which means that the completed form should be returned to both. 


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