The consolidated CDR process

Organisational Learning have worked with stakeholders across LSE to design a consolidated version of the CDR process that is less complex and has fewer touch points. You can agree with your manager whether you will use the standard or consolidated version of the process. The consolidated process will generally be more relevant to those whose objectives or standards are less variable throughout the year and across CDR cycles. 

How does it work? 

The video below gives you an overview of the process. 


The consolidated CDR process The consolidated CDR process
Click on the video above to find out more about the consolidated CDR process. Captions are enabled.

As we said, this version has fewer touch points across the year, which can be seen in the diagram below. 

CDR cycle timeline consolidated version  (2)

You can download a PDF of the diagram here.

In the consolidated version, you will agree standards or objectives with your manager or team leader in August or September.

You and your manager or team leader will touch base on your performance, development and wellbeing throughout the year and then close the year by discussing your performance, development and anything else you would like to discuss at an end of year meeting.

This discussion is documented on your CDR form, which you both sign off and then you upload to the HR system as a record of completion of your CDR. 

The consolidated version has a seperate form the can be found on the forms page of this toolkit. This form is designed to recognise that there will be fewer touch points in the process and that the objectives or standards for the year may be fixed rather than flexible and varied. 

If you feel that this verison of the process is right for your role, please discuss this with your line manager and agree together the version you will use for the year.