Aspiring managers pathway

For anyone with a career goal of moving into a manager role and who is looking to develop their management skills, we've put together a pathway of recommended learning. 

Below is a list of workshops and online eLearning that will help develop your people and intiative management skills and knowledge. 

Please be aware that workshops will not necessarily run each term and you can find what is currently available on the Training and Development System . 

The online learning can be accessed at any time. 


Full eLearning and microlearning courses

From team member to manager: A Guide for New Managers

This guide will help you transition seamlessly from employee to manager. First, you’ll learn about your new responsibilities and key differences between employee and manager roles. You’ll then explore the first steps every new manager should take, followed by some top tips to help you thrive. Finally, you’ll examine a few common challenges new managers face and how to overcome them.

This course can be found under self-enrol courses on the Astute learning platform.

Managing teams and fostering positive team cultures: A rough guide

This course is designed for you to dip in and out of, focusing on the areas that are relevant to you and your team. If you are new to team management, you may want to work your way through all of the material. We would recommend doing this in short 20 - 30 minute chunks. 

This course can be found under self-enrol courses on the Astute learning platform.

Improving Your Self-Awareness to Improve Your Management Skills

In this micro-learning, you’ll learn about self-awareness. First, you’ll learn to define self-awareness and its three components. Then, we’ll demonstrate why self-awareness is important and how you can develop this skill by following five tips.

This course can be found under self-enrol courses on the Astute learning platform.

Working with Different Communication Styles

In this learning bite, we'll look at four common communication styles and how to identify each. By identifying the style in which you and others communicate, you can learn to adapt your communication style to work with others more effectively.

This course can be found under self-enrol courses on the Astute learning platform.

You can find a full eLearning pathway for aspiring people managers on the Astute learning platform


Introduction to management 

This online workshop is to support managers who may be relatively new to management, or for those who wish to revisit and refresh their skills and knowledge in relation to managing performance effectively. Our blended approach will also reflect “the new normal” for those managers who may be managing remote teams, and who need to be able to assess performance, motivate and support the wellbeing of their team members.

Leading effective meetings 

This course is suitable for anyone who will need to lead meetings, within or outside their department. No prior experience is required, and the course is not limited to those in leadership or management roles.

Developing yourself as a manager 

This workshop would benefit those who would like to get themselves into the best possible position for enhancing their career by either becoming a manager or developing their existing managerial skills. It will focus on creating a positive mindset to become more proactive in career development and to facilitate personal responsibility. The shift in attitude required to shift from team member to team manager will be explored. 


Strategic thinking

The ability to think strategically is an increasing requirement where staff must be able to rise above the established and day-to-day in order to develop longer term plans. This highly participative workshop will provide a structured approach for developing strategic plans.