Month 6

It's time for the end of review period meeting

A successful induction is inspiring, organised and fit for purpose. You can tell how effective it is by how well a person adjusts to the School.

The next stage is to work out how the person can be further developed. Remember it is the brightest talent who are most likely and able to leave – so continue to keep them challenged and engaged.

Things to check as you wrap up the induction period and move into ongoing development: 



Developing in role

Carry out the end of probation review against the objectives. Assessment at this point should be formal, structured and constructive as per the guidance. Contact your HR partner if you are unsure whether the person is suitable for the job, you could extend the probationary period if thecontract permits and/or the employee agrees. Although this should have been discussed in previous 1-1 meetings and should not be left until the end of the review period or come as a surprise to the person. 

Remember to contact HR with the outcome of the review period to make sure that your staff member gets their formal letter advising them of the outcome of their review period. 

Ask for additional feedback on their induction – what worked well, what they think could be improved or if they have any ideas for improvements.

Look ahead at the next six months, reviewing the person’s work objectives and building these out in line with their role and your action plan/strategy. 

Discuss the CDR process and outline the requirements for this over the next year. 


Learning and development

Continue supporting the new starter through the division, department or centre induction, in most roles this should be complete at 6 months.

Assess whether the person will need any further development, training or coaching in new areas.

Continue to support the new person in working through their learning and development action plan; adjusting as needed.

Discuss the person’s potential, aspirations and, broadly, possible options for their development in the longer-term. 

Signpost to further learning and development opportunities; such as apprenticeships, external funding, Learn for You and skills workshops. 

Signpost to internal development opportunities such as secondments and the latest learning offer. 

Ensure they have access to the Teams and Leadership tool; where they can set up individual 360 surveys, or browse expert guidance on skills to improve working style. 



Remind your new starter of wellbeing resources available by signposting them to sources of wellbeing support via the Wellbeing web page.



At this point, congratulations on having provided your new staff with a structured, meaningful and effective induction into the School and your team. 

Check out the ongoing development section to see how Organisational Learning can support further. 

Please also ask your inductee to provide feedback on their induction expereince, which they can do here.