Teams and leadership development tool

Putting the power to develop your team in your hands. 

The Teams and Leadership Tool The Teams and Leadership Tool
Click on the video above to find out more about how our Teams and Leadership Tool can support your own and your team's development/

Teams & Leadership is an online tool offered by Organisational Learning that helps teams work better together, and leaders to improve. Use reviews and expert guidance to discover what's working for you or your team, what's not, and what to do about it.

The tool is for managers, leaders and teams to conduct anonymous 360 degree feedback, get a personalised, downloadable report and support with learning materials around areas highlighted for development.

With the platform you can conduct manager or leader 360 degree feedback or get a full team report. You can check out this example report (the data within the report does not represent any real team at LSE) to give you an idea of what the tool and Organisational Learning can do for you or your team. 

All data in reports is anonymous, confidential and can only be seen by you. 

If you would like to explore using the tool in your or your team's development, please get in touch at .