Time Off For Emergencies Involving a Dependant

 Options for unplanned leave

sometimes you may need time away to address an unplanned situation

As you'd expect, the School offers a range of ways in which staff can organise their time: whether it's annual leave, flexible working arrangements, or (for a parents) a number of different types of family leave. 

At the same time, we appreciate that time off can't always be planned, and that sometimes you may need to ask for time away from work to address an unplanned situation. If this does happen, you are encouraged to discuss with your manager how you can best be supported.

Of course, what's most suitable will depend to a great extent on the individual circumstances. In general, though, there are two particular options to be aware of, details for both of which can be found in the Staff Support Leave Policy

  • Time Off for Emergencies Involving a Dependant allows you to take paid time off to care for a dependant, or for someone who is not themselves a dependant but who would rely on you if they fell seriously ill or became injured. Within the context of parental responsibilities, this leave could be used, for example, if there is an incident which involves your child at school. 
  • Compassionate Leave provides up to two paid days' leave in the event of the death of a close family member (for example so that you can attend the funeral). If you are involved in planning a funeral, up to five days' leave may be approved. Compassionate Leave also applies where a close relative is terminally ill or when, in the absence or other arrangements, you are responsible for their care. Up to a total of 15 working days may be approved in such circumstances. Please speak with your manager if you would like to request Compassionate Leave. As well as enabling your manager to offer additional support, they also have the discretion to approve leave above the normal allowance, depending on the situation.