Your Summer Wellbeing

activities to support, enhance and boost your wellbeing in August and September

This webpage collects in one place a whole range of activities (some virtual and some in-person) to support, enhance and boost your wellbeing in August and September. Whether it’s joining the Thrive webinars, taking advantage of fitness options on campus with the SU Gym, cultivating better resilience and nutrition, picking up a free ride with Boom Cycle, or much more - we’re confident that there’s something here for you. What’s more, more activities will be added throughout the coming weeks, so keep an eye out on the webpage, in Staff News and in LSE Tree – for further developments. 

Join the Thrive webinars with Dr Aarti Anhal

As many of us adapt to new ways of working, we’re working out – both individually and in teams – how we can thrive in our wellbeing, personal resilience and performance going forward. With this in mind, we’re arranging two specially developed webinars for LSE staff (Stress management and Unlocking motivation) to run during September and October. Led by Dr Aarti Anhal, the Thrive webinars will explore:

  • The links between stress, wellbeing and optimal performance,
  • Practical frameworks and coping strategies for managing stress at work
  • Risk-based approaches to mitigating stress in teams
  • Thoughts about how the meaning of work may have changed in our lives as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Practical strategies for wellbeing and performance goals that can boost motivation
  • Ways in which managers can create the conditions within teams for staff to feel motivated and engaged

Just click on the links below to book your place:

Stress Management 1.30-2.30pm Tuesday 27 September - click here to book

Unlocking Motivation 1.30-2.30pm Wednesday 12 October - click here to book

Explore fitness facilities on campus via the SU Gym

Did you know that, as an LSE member of staff, you can access LSESU sports and exercise facilities in the Saw Swee Hock and Marshall buildings, courtesy of LSESU Level Up Fitness? Just visit the webpage to find out more.

To promote the SU Gym to staff as a fitness option when we’re on campus, the SU Gym have generously provided a number of guest passes for staff - each pass will entitle you to a completely free visit to the SU Gym! To collect your guest pass, please come to HR Reception on the 5th floor of the Lionel Robbins Building.

What’s more, the SU Gym are now offering a special discount to staff - if you buy a bundle of 10 passes, you can now get a 10% discount via the SU Gym webpage! Passes are a little more flexible than a monthly membership, so this may be an especially attractive option if you’re only on campus for some of the week.

Nutrition workshops for better work wellbeing

While we may feel that we know the basics about good nutrition, it can be challenging to put this into practice during the working day, especially when we’re alternating between campus and home environments. With that in mind, the London Nutritionist will be running two online workshops in August and September. As well as covering general good practice when it comes to eating and drinking, the workshops will also address how we can build better nutrition into the working day, whether we’re on or off campus.

Food & Mood: Wednesday 14 September 10.00 - 11.30am. This session will take a deeper look into how what we eat can affect we feel mentally, just as how we feel has a large influence on what foods we choose. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and to get the right nutrients throughout the working day. Just click here to sign up.

Keeping Energised: Tuesday 23 August 10.00 - 11.30am. Learn how to avoid the 4 o’clock slump! What and when we eat has a huge effect on our physical and mental energy levels. This session will give you a guided tour of the best (and worst) foods for keeping energised during the working day. Please click here to access the recording from the session. 

Cultivate resilience with a WorkWild workshop

As we adapt team cultures to new ways of working and the profound changes of the past few years, natural cycles of regeneration and adaptation can give us new insights into solving human challenges.

Courtesy of WorkWild, this one hour interactive and online workshop will:

  • Explore nature’s regenerative processes
  • Reframe change and uncertainty as positive tools for progress and opportunity
  • Show how you can apply the lessons of the adaptive cycle to your own life and work

Workshops have been arranged for a number of dates throughout September so that there are more opportunities for staff to be involved:

Friday 9 September 10.30-11.30am

Thursday 15 September 11.00am-12.00pm

Thursday 22 September 2.00-3.00pm

Just click here to book your place. 

Free Boom Cycle rides every Saturday

If you’re in the mood for some more cycling, you might be interested to learn that Boom Cycle are offering free rides! To make their classes more accessible, you can join a free class at 11.30am every Saturday at Holborn, courtesy of the Boom Cycle Community Ride - just click here to find out more details, including how to book. If you have any questions about how to book, please contact the Boom Cycle team directly at

If all this talk of cycling is making you think of taking it up more often, you may wish to take a look at the School’s cycle to work scheme – save money on the cost of a bike, get fit and help the environment, all at the same time! 

Join an in-person fitness class on campus

For the past couple of years, many staff have been stretching themselves with online Body Balance and Body Conditioning classes. We’re pleased to announce that a number of these classes will now be taking place on campus – meet up with colleagues, network and enjoy the camaraderie. If you’ve been especially enjoying the remote exercise experience, don’t worry – we'll also be arranging some more virtual classes in future. 

If you’ve not tried a class before, we highly recommend that you take a look – they’re great!

Body Balance classes will be held on the following dates: 

Tuesday 16 August 12-30-1.15pm

Tuesday 23 August 12.30-1.15pm 

Just click here to book your place(s)


Body Conditioning classes will be held on the following dates: 

Thursday 18 August 12.30-1.15pm

Tuesday 30 August 12.30-1.15pm

Just click here to book your place(s)

All classes will be held in the 6th floor exercise studio in the Saw Swee Hock Building. Please make sure that you bring a bottle of water with you; you're also encouraged to bring an exercise/Yoga mat with you if you have one. 


Please contact if you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the activities listed here.