Terms and conditions

These documents can be made available in alternative formats on request.

As a salaried member of staff employed directly by LSE, your role will have one of four sets of terms and conditions.

The documents are available for you to browse below, organised by the type of role. If you have any questions, or are unsure which set of terms and conditions apply to you, a member of the HR team will be happy to assist you. 

Professional services

The terms and conditions for staff employed on professional services contracts apply to all professional service staff (salary bands 1-10) and research assistants (salary bands 4-5).

Professional services term and conditions booklet [PDF]


The terms and conditions for staff employed on faculty contracts - Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and full Professors. 

Academic terms and conditions booklet (PDF)

Research only

These terms and conditions apply to Research Officers, Research Fellows, Senior Research Fellows, Principal Research Fellows and Professorial Research Fellows.

Please note that Research Assistants are covered by the professional services terms and conditions.

Research-only terms and conditions booklet [PDF]

Teaching only

These terms and conditions apply to LSE Fellows and other staff employed on teaching-only contracts.

LSE Fellow terms and conditions booklet [PDF]

In addition, there are specific terms and conditions for Graduate Teaching Assistants and Guest Teachers.

GTA/GT terms and conditions booklet [PDF]

Hourly paid

These terms and conditions apply to you if you are employed on a hourly-paid contract.

Hourly-paid terms and conditions booklet [PDF]

Policy Fellows

These terms and conditions apply to all of the following staff: Policy Officer, Policy Fellow, Senior Policy Fellow and Distinguished Policy Fellow. 

Policy Fellow terms and conditions booklet (PDF)

Education Career Track Staff

These terms and conditions apply to all Education Career Track (ECT) staff: Assistant Professioral Lecturers, Associate Professioral Lecturers and Professioral Lecturers. 

Education Career Track terms and conditions booklet (PDF)