Academic Planning and Policy

The Planning Division considers academic policy issues with resource implications for the School, reviews the activity of Departments and Institutes and facilitates new teaching initiatives. It aims to ensure that policy and academic planning matters are directed through proper channels for consideration and approval.


  • Service the Academic Planning and Resources Committee (APRC), the APRC Agenda Committee, the Student Numbers and Fees (SNAF) Group, the Extended Education Sub-Committee (EESC), the Scholarships Group and any other APRC standing committees.

  • Review Academic Departments on a cyclical basis and ensure that their plans for academic developments are in line with the School's Strategic Plan LSE 2030, and can be supported by Professional Service Divisions.

  • Oversee and facilitate major academic teaching initiatives, including proposals for new institutes and executive programmes.

  • Assess the performance of taught programmes to inform discussions regarding their viability and to refresh the programme portfolio.

  • Determine the optimum way to implement recommendations made during formal and informal discussions and the best method to monitor progress against follow-up actions, including holding regular meetings with the Pro-Director (Planning and Resources) and the Chief Financial Officer to discuss and resolve planning issues.

  • Understand and explain to others the assumptions employed in the various planning models developed by the HE sector and policy documents held by the Division.