Data Visualisations

Planning Division is responsible for creating and maintaining a variety of data visualisations on Tableau Server to support decision making for senior management, departments and divisions.

The key collections of Tableau dashboards we produce can be found below with descriptions, access restrictions (for sensitive data) and links to the dashboards.  Limited data on overall student headcount is made publicly available.

A list of dashboards produced at LSE can be found on the DTS dashboard webpage.

Please note that to access most dashboards you must be provided with a Tableau Server account from DTS.  Further information on Tableau access can be found on the DTS Getting Started webpage.


Student Population

Latest student numbers

School Census Summary: A summary of key data from the latest official census of the School’s population.

Access: LSE staff

View the latest population data



School population size and shape: Dashboards to provide an overview of the size and shape of the overall student population and departmental student populations.

Access: LSE staff

View size and shape



Student Population - Actual and Target: Dashboards to show the School's population plan, intake targets and change in size over time.

Access: LSE staff

Look at the population plan



Historic student numbers

Statistics on Students: A summary of the School’s student population taken at the end of each academic year on 31 May, including five years of historic data.

Access: Public

See historic population trends

Actual and Target Registrations

Actual and Target Registrations: Report to show the number of full-time registered students against registration targets at the department and programme level. Updated daily in Autumn Term and weekly until April.

Access: LSE staff

See targets against registrations

Access and Participation

Access and Participation Plan (APP): A collection of dashboards to show how under-represented groups access, succeed and progress at the School, based on six key targets the School has agreed with the Office for Students.

Access: APP staff, Departmental Managers, Deputy Heads of Department, Eden Centre, Heads of Department

Browse the APP contents

Course dashboards

Course Combinations: Information on the course combinations taken by undergraduate and postgraduate students over five academic years.

Access: departments, institutes, Timetabling, TQARO

Investigate course combinations


Course offerings and uptake: Dashboard to support departments make decisions about course provision and suspension with data on course headcount and uptake by programme and department.

Access: departments, institutes, Timetabling, TQARO

Take a look at course offerings


Course Results: Dashboard to show how students on a selected programme have historically performed on a course or in a department.

Access: LSE staff

See performance of students on a course

Student Outcomes

Student outcomes by characteristic: Dashboard to show course level and final degree outcomes for students by department over time, split by student characteristics.

Access: APP staff, ARD Managers, Attainment Leads, Departmental Managers, Deputy Heads of Department, Eden Centre, EDI, Heads of Department

View student outcomes

Department Profiles

A collection of dashboards for Heads of Department and Departmental Managers. The Department Profiles are updated annually in July and August to provide a broad overview of departmental activity from application data to graduate outcomes. The dashboards are used predominantly for preparation for Annual Monitoring.

Access: Departmental Managers, Heads of Department

Browse the Department Profiles contents

Benchmarking dashboards

University League Tables: UK and Worldwide league table rankings at the institutional, subject, and metric level.

Access: LSE staff

Compare league table rankings

Student Characteristics

Student Characteristics Self-Service: Dashboards for data requests on student numbers by various characteristics over the last five academic years.

Access: LSE staff

Find out student characteristics

Teaching Excellence Framework

Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) LSE 2023: The TEF assesses undergraduate teaching in higher education institutions in England. The dashboards cover indicators of student outcome and experience.

Access: LSE staff

Take a look at the TEF dashboards

Teaching Quality Assurance and Review Office

TQARO - Degree Outcomes Statement: Dashboards to provide a visualisation of undergraduate students’ degree outcomes.

Access: TQARO only

View students’ degree outcomes


Careers Registration: Dashboards to show rates of student work experience and student journeys through the Career Development Cycle.

Access: LSE staff

Examine student career responses



Graduate Outcomes: Dashboards visualising responses from the Graduate Outcomes survey, covering work activities, salaries and employers. 

Access: LSE staff

View Graduate Outcomes dashboards



Careers Student Engagement: A dashboard to show student engagement rates with the LSE Careers Service.

Access: LSE staff

See student engagement with Careers