Committee Vacancies (Academic Board nominations)

The Academic Nominations Committee regularly seeks applications from members of the Academic Board to serve on School committees. Serving on committees provides an opportunity to contribute to the work of the wider School community.

The School is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion and Academic Nominations Committee encourages applications from under-represented groups.

How to Apply

To apply for any advertised position, please complete the application form and return, via email, to the Secretary of the Academic Nominations Committee at by the given deadline.

You should say why you wish to be considered, and confirm that you have the appropriate requirements indicated. Please also confirm that you have discussed your application with your Head of Department.

The application process for some committees may also require a CV and interview.

Some posts will indicate applicants should be from an Academic Board Constituency Group; these groups can be found here.

Appointment Process

Academic Office Holders (principally chairs of committees), and appointments to Council, Education Committee, Academic Planning & Resources Committee, Research Committee, Agenda Committee of Academic Board, and Academic Nominations Comittee would normally be appointed through interview. The Academic Nominations Committee could take a view where appropriate that interview is not required (e.g. where there is a single and suitably qualified candidate for the role).

Depending on the number of applications to other committees, members would normally be appointed through a random selection procedure, which the Academic Nominations Committee has found provides a more diverse candidate pool. The Committee may still choose to interview candidates should it be appropriate.

It is open to the Academic Nominations Committee to consider candidates for these posts other than those who apply for the advertised vacancies.

Current Vacancies


Graduate School Board of Examiners

2 Vacancies: Group 4

Term of office: 1 vacancy to be appointed asap until 31 July 2026; 1 vacancy to be appointed from 1 August 2024 until 31 July 2027.

Application deadline: Friday 9th February 2024 (Please note that we may make one appointment before the deadline, as one vacancy is to be filled as soon as possible)

The remit of the Graduate School Board of Examiners is:

  • To scrutinise and confirm course marks, progression decisions and the final award classifications of all graduate students

  • To consider recommendations made by the sub-boards in regard to exceptional circumstances cases

  • To consider and approve changes to local rules

  • To recommend or approve process or regulatory improvements to Education Committee

The Board comprises an independent Chair and ten members made up of two representatives from each the five academic board constituency groups. The GSBE meets three times a year in March, early July, and early November.

Requirements: Academic Board members of the GSBE need to have recent experience as a Chair or Deputy-Chair of a programme level sub-board of examiners.

Please return the completed application form to

Any questions about the role can be directed to Martin Johnson (


When determining appointments, the Academic Nominations Committee will have regard to the current targets for gender representation and ensuring the committee membership includes a balance of both professors and non-professors and representation from every constituency group.

Research Committee

2 Vacancies: Group 4 (Prof), Group 6/Research Centres (Prof)

Term of office: from 1 August 2024 until 31 July 2027

Application deadline: Friday 9th February 2024

The Research Committee encourages and facilitates research appropriate to the School as an academic centre of scholarship and teaching in the social sciences. It seeks to initiate and to secure means for the development of research, and for implementing the research strategy of the School within the framework approved by Council and set out in the Research for the World strategy. The Committee’s terms of reference also include oversight and promotion of the continuing alignment and integration of the School’s knowledge exchange efforts with its commitment to research excellence; oversight of the work of the REF Strategy Committee, Knowledge Exchange and Impact Strategy Committee, and Research Ethics Committee; and responsibility to encourage and facilitate the School’s strategy and policy in relation to postgraduate research student activity.

The committee meets twice per term, and there is a steady stream of business to deal with throughout the year, including in between meetings. In addition to making positive contributions to meetings and taking oversight of the Research for the World strategy, members should also be willing to represent the Committee on either the annual Research Centre or Departmental Reviews as needed.

Requirements: the ideal candidate should have experience of undertaking research, experience of managing research contracts, and knowledge of how research is funded at the School. They should demonstrate an interest in/awareness of research policy issues that affect the LSE, experience of collaborative research and the ability to take a strategic overview of research at LSE. Experience on a Departmental Research Committee would also be valuable.

Please return the completed application form, along with a CV, to

Please note that the application process for this committee will involve a short interview via Zoom.

Questions about membership of the committee can be directed to Casimira Headley-Walker (

When determining appointments, the Academic Nominations Committee will have regard to the current targets for gender representation and ensuring the committee membership includes a balance of both professors and non-professors and representation from every constituency group.



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