Education Committee


The Academic and Student Affairs Committee (ASC) was renamed as Education Committee in Summer term 2019. Please see the link to past ASC papers or contact the Secretary to Education Committee Thomas Hewlett for further information.

Terms of reference


Pro-Director (in the chair) -  Professor Dilly Fung

The chair of the Undergraduate Studies and Graduate Studies sub-committees (ex officio) - Professor Dilly Fung

The chair of the Student Experience Sub-Committee (ex officio) - Professor Dilly Fung

The chair of the TEF Sub-Committee (ex officio) - Professor Dilly Fung

The chair of the Research Degrees sub-committees (ex officio) - Professor Max-Stephan Schulze

The chair of the Regulations, Policies and Standards Sub-Committee (ex officio) - Mr Mark Thomson

Academic Registrar (ex officio) - Mr Mark Thomson

Dean of the General Course (ex officio) - Mr Mark Hoffman

The chair of the Residences User Group (ex officio) - Dr Michael Blackwell

Director, LSE Academic and Professional Development Division (ex officio) - Dr Neil Mclean

Head of LSE Eden Centre (formerly Teaching and Learning Centre and Learning Technology and Innovation) (ex officio) - Dr Claire Gordon

Head of Widening Participation (ex officio) - Vacant

 Education Strategic Officer (ex officio) - Mr Thomas Watson

 Deputy COO (ex officio) - Ms Joanne Hay

 Interim Director of Communications (ex officio) - Ms Imogen Withers

Director of Summer School, Executive and International Programmes (ex officio) - Ms Elizabeth Aitken

 AUMF Representative (ex officio) - Mrs Louisa Lawrence

 AUMF Representative (ex officio) - Mr Damian Roberts

 ECT Representative - Professor Bradley Franks

 GTA Representative - Vacancy

2 elected members from each of the 5 Academic Board constituencies; one member from each constituency will be a Professor and one a Deputy Head for Teaching.

Professor David Marsden (Group 1)

Dr Peter Kondor (Group 1)

Professor Simon Glendinning (Group 2)

Dr Jennifer Jackson-Preece (Group 2)

Dr Anna Mahtani (Group 3)

Professor Wouter Den Haan (Group 3)

Dr Mathijs Pelkmans (Group 4)

Dr Timo Fleckenstein (Group 4)

Dr Niamh Dunne (Group 5)

Ms Sarah Paterson (Group 5)

4 student members, three of whom shall be a sabbatical officers appointed by the Students' Union and one selected from the undergraduate, taught postgraduate and research student constituencies by election. One student member should be from an LSE hall of residence.

Ms Martha Ojo (Education Officer Students’ Union)

Mr David Gordon (Community and Welfare Officer Students’ Union)

Ms Anooshka Choudhary (Postgraduate Officer Students' Union)

Mr Luca Matteucci (Undergraduate Students' Consultative Forum)

Ms Ritika Simon (Taught Postgraduate Students' Consultative Forum)

Ms Sarah Gerwens (Research Students' Consultative Forum)

Members invited to attend specific meetings considering business relevant to their area of expertise/responsibility.

Mr Martin Annis (Head of Student Services)

Ms Lizzie Darlington (Director, Careers Service)

Mr Marcus Cerny (Deputy Director, PhD Academy)

Dr Pete Evanson (School Senior Advocate for Students)

Dr Orla Lynskey (Chair of the Athletics Committee)

Ms Nancy Graham (Head of Academic Services, Library)

Mr Julian Robinson (Director of Estates)

Mr Ian Spencer (Director of Residential Services)

Schedule of meetings

October 2019

  • Wednesday 23 October  14:00 - 16:00, VAR

January 2020

  • Wednesday 29 January at 14:00 - 16:00, VAR

April 2020

  • Wednesday 1 April at 14:00 - 16:00, VAR

May 2020

  • Wednesday 27 May at 14:00 - 16:00, VAR