Student Experience Sub-Committee



Please contact the Secretary to the Student Experience Sub-Committee Thomas Watson for any SEC related queries.

Terms of reference

1. On behalf of the Education Committee, the Student Experience Sub-Committee is responsible for overseeing a transparent, equitable and comprehensive approach to the enhancement of student experience, for all students no matter what their background, personal circumstances and level of study.

2. To establish and develop mechanisms to foster community, integration and good relations amongst all students.

3. To develop and monitor student learning communities, in terms of student-focussed guidance and advice related to student health, wellbeing and discipline.

4. To develop and monitor the arrangements for effective academic mentoring and supervision for students.

5. To promote Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in all areas of the student experience.

6. Drawing on analysis of empirical data to inform practice, to consider and act upon data pertaining to student experience, in line with the School’s educational vision and values, including but not limited to:

  a. Student satisfaction indicators (internal and external surveys);

  b. The development of improved learning analytics and student engagement data;

  c. Analysis of differential outcomes.

7. Monitoring the effectiveness of departmental Staff-Student Liaison Committees and the Student Consultative Fora, on the basis of termly or annual reports.

8. To draw ideas and good practice from across the School and externally, as required by the business of the committee.


 Pro Director for Education Professor Dilly Fung
One member from each Academic Board constituency Dr Pik Liew, Dr Stuart Gordon, Ms Katarsyna Kranjniewska, Dr Frédéric Basso, Dr Thomas Smith
Education Career Track Representative Dr Babken Babajanian
School Senior Advocate for Students Mr Pete Evanson
Head of LSE Dr Claudine Provencher
Head of Student Services Mr Martyn Annis
Deputy Head of Student Services Ms Michele Sahrle
Head of Widening Participation Ms Kirsty Wadsley
Head of Internal Communications Ms Imogen Withers
Head of Student Wellbeing Mr Adam Sandelson
Deputy Director of the PhD Academy Mr Marcus Cerny
Head of EDI Ms Sofia Jabeen
Representatives of LSE Careers, Residential Services, Library Ms Lizzie Darlington, Mr Ian Spencer, Mr Martin Reid
Departmental Managers Forum Representative Mr Carl-Ludwig Campbell
Education Strategic Officer Mr Thomas Watson
LSE Change Maker Coordinator Dr Elis Saxey
Student members:-  
LSESU Community and Welfare Officer Ms Faye Brookes Lewis
Undergraduate Consultative Forum Representative  
Postgraduate Consultative Forum Representative  Ms Ritika Simon
Research Students Consultative Forum Representative  
Academic and professional services staff, whose areas contribute to the quality of educationand the wider student experience, or student representatives, as nominated by the Chair.  

Schedule of meetings

November 2019

  • Wednesday 13 November 2019, 13:00, Shaw Library  

February 2020

  • Wednesday 12 February 2020, 14:30, 32L.B.07

June 2020

  • Tuesday 09 June 2020, 13:00, 32L.B.07