Ticketing an event

If you think your event is likely to be very popular and oversubscribed, you should give serious consideration to ticketing the event or having some kind of registration system in place.

There are various options for registering people for your event. You can ask people to register to attend by emailing a particular email address; you can set up a form on the LSE website for registration and download a spreadsheet via cms (speak to the web team for advice on this); or you could make use of LSE's online store. Registration does have to be handled by your department, as it is not a service the Events Office can provide for events outside the PLP.

The Events Office can print tickets for you at the following charges:

For venues with a capacity up to 160 (e.g TW1 G.01): £60

For the Hong Kong Theatre (capacity 234): £80

For the Sheikh Zayed Theatre or Old Theatre (capacity 400/462): £120

For the Peacock Theatre (capacity 999): £150

For ticketed events organised by the Events Office we have a policy of over-ticketing, as for any free event we expect a significant drop out rate. It is up to you whether you wish to over-ticket. The above charges include up to 15% extra tickets, except in the case of the Peacock Theatre, where for legal reasons it is not possible to over-ticket. If you do decide to print more tickets than you have seats, it is important to make it clear on the tickets that they will only be valid until 10 minutes before the event is due to start.

If you wish the Events Office to print tickets for your event, please send the following information to comms.events@lse.ac.uk, so that we can send you a sample version of your ticket: Venue; Banner (hosting department or conference); Date and Time; Title; Price (if they are for sale).  Tickets are 8 by 10.5cm on white perforated card with an LSE logo in the top left hand corner. Please note, we require at least 2 weeks' notice per set of tickets.