Photography Unit

The Photography unit supplies images for promotional materials, the School website, prospectuses, magazines, events and staff portraits.

We have thousands of images documenting all aspects of LSE life which are freely accessible to the whole School community (staff and students). They range from LSE buildings and landmarks, to students, staff and LSE's highly popular public events programme. 

LSE Image Bank

We have now launched our new image bank, Bynder. To request an account, please contact Ross

You can also download the guide to using Bynder here

LSE in Pictures

LSE in Pictures is a portfolio of images from around LSE, which are accessible to persons internal and external to the School.

High resolution digital files are available on request at no charge. Contact Nigel or Lynne for further details.

See LSE in Pictures.

Booking and charges

Nigel works mainly for the Communications Division, but can be be booked to other LSE departments, if available. Bookings must be made at least two weeks in advance.

To book Nigel, please email

If Nigel is not available he can recommend freelance photographers.

Costs are as follows:

  • Events or seminars cost £75 for the first hour
  • Portraits cost £15 per head
  • Half day bookings cost £130
  • Full day bookings cost £195
  • Group shots cost £35

All charges are invoiced internally through your departmental budget code.


There are usually three or four portrait sessions per term, open to all LSE staff and academics. Sessions are advertised in Staff News and on the intranet homepage.

All photos are provided digitally via wetransfer, or can be emailed if only one or two images are required. Hard copy prints will not be provided. Pictures will be sent after post production, which can be up to two weeks after the shoot. 


All pictures are copyright of LSE. 

Images by Nigel Stead are credited as © LSE/Nigel Stead

Model release forms

If you are using your own photographs, or hiring a photographer, you may need to have completed model release forms before you can use the images. If you're not sure, read this guide to find out whether you need completed forms.

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